Fan Mail
Wondering where you can send me fan mail? Firstly - thank you for wanting to, I absolutely love hearing from you guys. I do try to respond to as much fan mail as possible, whether that's via the internet or writing to you in the post. Please find my PO Box address listed below. Please avoid attempting to contact me via the email listed below - it is not my personal email, it'll go to my management. 

Press Samples
If you're a company or brand that wish to send samples, you can deliver them to my personal PO Box address which is listed below or get in touch via email. Please note that sending samples does not ensure a feature on any of my social media, but I do love discovering new brands and products and I often share things that I genuinely enjoy with my audience/readers. 

Sponsorship and Collaborations
If you're a company or brand that would like to discuss a collaborative opportunity or sponsorship, please contact the business email listed below.


Cherry Wallis
PO BOX 17302
B23 3ND
United Kingdom