About Me

Why hello there!

I'm Cherry. I'm 27. I have an addiction to the internet. (I'm surprised there aren't any Internet Anonymous groups for people who endlessly scroll on their phone from the moment they wake to the moment they sleep - I'd join.) I am deeply in love with all things magic (not the sort that involves rabbits in hats, more wizards and wands.)

What do I enjoy I hear you ask? Well... Makeup. Harry Potter. Cats. Carbs. Netflix (seriously, someone needs to take my subscription away) ...and I'd say that's a great start if you wanted to know a little more about me.

I can proudly say I've been producing videos on YouTube since 2012, and it's been my full time job since 2014. That's right, somehow I'm my own boss - and I love it.

As well as running the channel, I also manage several social media platforms, InstagramTwitter, and Facebook. Oh and did I mention I won a Nickelodeon's Kids Choice award? (I had to slip that in somewhere.)