About Me


I'm Cherry - I'm 25 and I'm a full-time YouTuber and I'm usually found online 24/7.

After studying Art and Design for 6 years, I graduated from BCU, and discovered my love for vlogging/blogging - and I haven't stopped since!

My YouTube channel (YouTube.com/Cherry) is really diverse, I have many passions. Some of those consist of: beauty, lifestyle, travel, comedy. So it's likely that there will be something on my channel that you will enjoy!

I've learnt over the last few years that having a large audience on YouTube and other social media platforms, comes large responsibility. I like to promote positivity and confidence, and encourage people to accept and love themselves the way they are.

I truly do value everyone who takes time out of their day to watch my videos, and to read the blog posts that I write. There isn't a day that goes by where I don't feel incredibly grateful for all of the opportunities I have been given - so, thank you.

I feel like this is the start of a brilliant adventure, that has only just begun - an adventure I hope you'll remain by my side through.

Cherry x