Monday, 23 November 2015

Home Decor: Sass & Belle

I am a huge lover of home decor, it's perhaps one of my weaknesses. There's just something lovely about homeware, and it's probably because I believe it makes a house a home when you're surrounded by things that you truly love. I enjoy shopping online and lusting over all of the beautiful things, and Sass & Belle is always a place I find myself browsing. So when they asked me if I wanted some of their things as an early Christmas present I snatched their hand off, and said yes. So I cherry-picked (eyy!) some things which I love, and think you will too! Let's have a look at what I chose!

Copper Serving Dish / £14 | Copper Hammered Mini Bowl / £6 - Sass & Belle
Well as soon as I saw that Sass & Belle launched a 'Copper Collection' I needed to remind myself to breathe - there is something very charming about copper. I selected two things which were the serving dish and the hammered mini bowl. They're just so pleasing to look at, and these two pieces are perfect for little trinkets lying around... makeup, jewellery - you name it, it'll probably look good on a copper plate. And did I mention how cute that bowl is?

Copper Measuring Spoons (set of four) / £7 | Sass & Belle
Well, what can I say - cakes, copper and cuteness. I have loved baking for as long as I can remember, which is a shame because I don't do it as often as I'd like to. Though I did make a cracking carrot cake for my dads birthday this weekend, and it was delicious if I do say so myself. Just call me Mary Berry. Homeware doesn't stop in my bedroom and office - I also love kitchenware, and I have started collecting it because I can't live at home forever which means I'll have my kitchen equipped and ready to roll when the time comes. This is a set of four copper measuring spoons, and they're so dainty and stylish!
Retro Pastel Measuring Cups (set of four) / £13 | Sass & Belle
You know you're an adult when kitchenware really excites you and gives you butterflies... or maybe that's just me? Either way, these measuring cups are the best thing I have perhaps given a home to in my kitchen. I am a big fan of pastel colours, and I have also wanted some measuring cups for a very long time because many of my baking / cookery books like to measure in American. These retro pastel measuring cups are so adorable, I love everything about them. They make me want to become a house wife and bake all day and every day.

Layla Coffee Cups / £20 | Sass & Belle 
I have three words for you. Cute. Stackable. Cups. I never thought I'd ever need stackable cups until I saw these pastel embossed coffee cups. You'd be surprised how many people glare at me in disgust when I tell them I am not a tea drinker "BUT YOU'RE BRITISH, YOU HAVE TO LIKE TEA!", well I hate to disappoint you but I have never been a lover of tea. Coffee on the other hand, yes. A nice lovely cup of hot coffee is like a hyperactive hug in a mug. I'll take 10, with milk and 2 sugars. Thank you.

Heart LED Wall Decoration / £25 | Sass & Belle
I'm not one for lying. I chose this because it reminded me of Tumblr, and it's one of my favourite websites. It reminded me of those cute rooms with fairy lights, cushions, blankets and oh yes - a cute heart LED wall decoration to add extra ambiance. They're so cute - they also remind me of those Hollywood mirrors which I will most likely own one of one day.

What are your thoughts on home decor? Do you love it, or do you not make a fuss about it? Let me know in a comment, and if you enjoyed this post - share it with someone who you think will like it too! Thanks for reading. See you soon!
(All products featured in this post were gifted, but not sponsored.)



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