Thursday, 1 October 2015

Happy 20th Anniversary Lush!

Happy 20th Birthday Lush!
The doorbell rang a week ago, and the postman delivered me a large surprise parcel! I unwrapped it to discover a beautiful wooden box of treats, from the one and only Lush Cosmetics! My face was a real life heart-eyed emoji. I'm a very lucky girl because Lush always send me their new seasonal products - but this time it was different! This surprise box was to celebrate Lush's 20th Birthday.

Lets take a look inside!
I had absolutely no idea that this company had been going for so long, I only really discovered Lush about 3 years ago in 2012! However, in reality - Lush was born in May 1995! Crazy huh? It now has over 900 stores in 49 countries worldwide! So I was extremely happy to celebrate with this box... lets have a look inside!

Oral Pleasure - Toothy Tabs / Lush / £5.95*
Well... the first thing that grabbed my attention first was this bottle of... ORAL PLEASURE! Oh Lush, you definitely gave me a giggle with this product name! I have always been extremely curious about Lush's unusual 'TOOTHY TABS', but never took the plunge to actually buy any. These are small tablets - designed to replace toothpaste... who knew Lush made products for dental hygiene?
(NEW! I think this may be an Oxford Street Exclusive, it's not on their website...)

This is a very unusual take on toothpaste, it's core ingredients are designed to clean your teeth, and leave them feeling lovely and smooth. At first, I was very pleased with how these smelt - a beautiful sweet (yet clinical) scent of passionfruit. However I wasn't convinced they would taste as wonderful so I put these to the test.

To use these, you take one from the bottle and nibble / crunch it between your teeth (very bizzare to do) and then start brushing your teeth with water as usual... unfortunately I was right they don't taste as great as they smell - but they certainly aren't bad. I feel as though this is a product I could definitely get used to, especially as my teeth felt wonderful after using one of these toothy tabs. Maybe I'll try to add a bit of Oral Pleasure to my daily morning routine and see how I get on... oh my.

Honey I Washed My Hair - Shampoo Bar / Lush / £5.75*
What have we got here? Another product I have never tried before? Why yes, we have! This is the HONEY I WASHED MY HAIR Shampoo Bar. Shampoo bars are another product that Lush sell which I have never been brave enough to buy or use... but this one smells lovely so I think I'm going to give it a go next time I wash my hair! I love the little tin it came with to keep it safe and mess-free. This smells delicious... dare I say it smells like one of those products you sort of want to put into your mouth but you know you'd regret it if you did! Don't wash your mouth out with soap, kids... unless you've been saying bad curse words, then you should (Don't!).
Pink Flamingo - Bubble Bar / Lush / £5.95* ||| Kinky - Hot Oil Treatment / Lush / £6.50*
Next are two products, one of which I have bought before - and the other is a completely new product that I have not seen before! So lets start with the PINK FLAMINGO Bubble Bar, which is in one piece unlike the first one I had! I sort of wish these sticks were a little bit more sturdy, as the bubble bar seems to just break off... but the product is still very lovely! It smells super fruity (which is what we like!) and it makes LOADS of bubbles - what more could you ask for from a (reusable) bubble bar?

Next is a product I'm perhaps going to donate to my best friend, this is the (NEW!) KINKY Hot Oil Treatment for hair, which is inspired by those hot chocolate cubes on sticks that you melt in hot milk... mmm. This kinky product is designed to strengthen natural curls, and restore your hair... it has quite an exotic fragrance! So if you have curly hair, or hair that just needs a treat - maybe you'd like this!

The Rough With The Smooth - Solid Body Scrub / Lush / £4.95*
This is another (NEW!) product I've not seen before, and it's called THE ROUGH WITH THE SMOOTH - this is a solid body scrub. I'm all for making my skin smoother so I'm so intrigued about this product, it has a blend of black pepper oil, patchouli oil and vanilla absolute - with some bewitching pagan perfume added in there too! I don't think I've ever used a solid block body scrub before, this one in particular is made with granulated sugar and murumuru butter to get your skin super smooth and super soft! It smells delicious.

Cup O' Coffee - Face/Body Mask / Lush / £6.50*
Mmm, nothing beats a CUP O' COFFEE in the morning... and that's exactly what this is... except you may not want to drink this one! This little (NEW!) Black pot of joy is a face and body mask, which is very runny. As expected - it smells a lot like coffee! You're meant to smooth this over your face and body, and then leave it for a good 10-15 minutes. Though that did leave me wondering what you're meant to do to pass the time whilst smothered in this coffee mask...

What's inside this product? Well, it's made with roasted cocoa extract, vetivert and coriander oil. It has little rough ground up bits of coffee in this, so it certainly would help smooth your skin. It's not the most attractive product, but hey - if you are a coffee lover... this one's for you!

The Experimenter - Bath Bomb / Lush / £3.75*
Ahh, this is THE EXPERIMENTER bath bomb, which you may have thought was exclusive to London's Oxford Street flagship store - BUT NOT ANYMORE. That's right, this bath bomb is now part of Lush's core product range which has now been rolled out into Lush stores worldwide! Finally. 

This bath bomb is actually the second The Experimenter I have owned, and I stand by that it's one of those products / scents you will either love or hate. It's VERY strong and powerful... I still haven't decided if I like its fragrance if I'm being honest with you. However, the thing that makes me want to use this bath bomb over and over again is the BEAUTIFUL art it creates in your bath water. It's definitely one of the bath bombs which have the 'wow' factor when you watch it fizz away in your bubble kingdom. We all need an explosion of colour in our life... and this will do just that.
Pumice Power - Foot Soap / Lush / £3.25*
Another snazzy (NEW!) product, this is called PUMICE POWER.. and it's a foot soap. That's right, a soap just for your tired little feet. Whether you're at school, or you're at work - I have no doubt you're on your feet a lot... and hey, feet need love too y'know?! This is a soapy pumice bar that breaks down that tough / rough skin (ew) on your feet. My favourite thing about this pumice bar is it has an orange fragrance, and you know I love orange anything! This gets my fullest approval from my nose, and my feet.
Salted Coconut - Hand Scrub / Lush / £7.95*
Coconut - it's probably my second favourite scent / flavour... though again, I wouldn't advise eating this even though it smells delicious. This is the (NEW!) SALTED COCONUT Hand Scrub. This is a very creamy coconut and sea salt exfoliator, and as Lush say "It's the perfect way to keep your paws in tiptop condition!" - lovely. I personally really like this product a lot, and so do my hands!

Layer Cake - Soap / Lush / £3.50*
Now - I'm really not a lover of solid soaps, I always pass them onto my friends or family. I just prefer my soap to come out of a tube... personal preference I guess. This is a (NEW!) solid soap from Lush called LAYER CAKE, and it's a lovely sweet juicy scent. It contains FIVE real fruit juices, it has an uplifting scent of orange oil (yaas, orange scent, yum yum yum). It does everything a soap should do, look cute, smell good and clean well! Good job.

Annnnd we have come to the end of my beautiful soapy pandoras box! It truly was a beautiful gift, so thank you Lush! I hope you guys enjoyed reading all about some of Lush's new releases! Now I might go and run myself a bubble bath....
Thanks for reading!
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Love, Cherry xxx.



  1. You got lots of lovely goodies Cherry! I have the Salted Coconut Scrub and I absolutely adore it, I suffer from Compulsive Skin Picking on my hands and it has really helped! May have to pay a visit to Lush soon! <3

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    I love love love your blogs on tumblr, you tube and so on!
    I'm trying my own one and my first post is up! It's

    Please please check it out!

    It would mean the world!

    Thanks xxx

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