Friday, 11 September 2015

Soap and Glory Haul | AD

SEXY MOTHER PUCKER Lip Plumping Gloss - Soap and Glory 
 I have loved Soap and Glory since I was a teenager (and boy does that seem like a lifetime ago!), so I was absolutely over the moon when they asked me to work with them. What a lucky duck I am! They sent me some parcels full of goodies, and you bet I ripped through the tissue paper to unfold all of the glorious products. I really wasn't disappointed - I now have a whole load of soapy goodness to keep me going for a very long time! So let's have a look at some of them...

SEXY MOTHER PUCKER Lip Plumping Gloss* - Soap and Glory - £9.00 per lip gloss
These SEXY MOTHER PUCKER lip glosses are new arrivals, and I have had the pleasure of testing these beauties out before they launched - I've had time to love them! They come in 7 new shades: Plumsup, Bare Enough, Nudestar, Rose & Shine, Super-Peach, Candy Queen and Spun Sugar. I have had a love-hate relationship with lip gloss for as long as I could remember, I started using them more about 2 years ago - but even then I found them a little bit too sticky for my liking! So when these claimed to be smooth and less sticky - I couldn't wait to try them out.

They smell like chocolate orange which I LOVE a lot - but do they do what they say on the tin? Yes. They are smooth, they are glossy... but my favourite part is the lip plumping sensation they give. These particular glosses make your lips feel fizzy, that's the only way to describe it! Love it!

ONE HECK OF A BLOT Primer* - Soap and Glory - £10.00
What's this? Another new arrival? This is the ONE HECK OF A BLOT Primer. I use primer every time I put make up on, it's like preparing a canvas. Nobody likes their face to slip off... or their pores to show!

I've used a lot of high end primers, and now all I can say is they now have competition! The consistency of this is really nice, it's scent free which I don't mind so much in a primer. This absorbs oil (pesky oil, nobody likes you), and controls shine which for me is a GODSEND as on camera you don't want to look like a shiny disco-ball! I think I found my new favourite primer.

ARCHERY Brow Tint & Precision Pencil* - Soap and Glory - £10.00
Eyebrows on fleek, we all want them. This is something I had actually been meaning to buy for a long time, especially since I started using an eyebrow pencil instead of a powder in February - and I never went back. This is the ARCHERY Brow Tint & Precision Pencil. It's a really neat product and my favourite thing about it is that it's dual ended. The crayon is great and something I'm used to using, but I fell in love with the super sharp tip on the other end, which I can only describe as a very fine felt-tip pen... but for brows. FABULOUS BROWS. This gives you the brows you've always wanted.
You guys know I love pampering myself in the bubble kingdom, but I also love to continue after I have hopped out! Here are two large tubs of joy, let's start with THE RIGHTEOUS BUTTER - the scent of this is what I imagine whenever I think of Soap and Glory, it's their Original Pink scent and it's YUMMY. I want to smear this all over myself all day every day, that's how delicous is smells. It leaves your skin super soft and smooth, on top of smelling like a princess. Recommend 10/10!

Next we're onto the SMOOTHIE STAR BREAKFAST SCRUB! This one is a whole different story... I want to eat it, I want to scoop it out of its tub with a spoon and put it into my mouth (don't do that though). In fact it smells SO GOOD it actually has a warning on the back of the tub telling you it's not a food haha. Yes, this exfoliator smells edible - that's because it has banana, almond and honey in it... and smells like maple syrup. Sweet sweet maple syrup. Yum yum yum. And my legs have never felt softer... I now go around asking everyone to stroke my legs, ladies you know what I'm talking about!

SEXY MOTHER BLUSHER* - Soap and Glory - £9.00
Isn't this the cutest blusher you've ever seen? This is the SEXY MOTHER BLUSHER in shade Pinker Belle, and it's actually much pinker than it looks - here it's almost raspberry. It's super creamy which means it's super blendable! Not everyone wears blusher, but I personally don't think my make up is ever complete without it. A nice addition to my blusher collection!

HAND FOOD* - Soap and Glory - £5.00 
I am not a stranger to this product, this is a great hand cream called HAND FOOD and it's got that lovely Original Pink fragrance again... I constantly want to smell my hands after using this - which can often get some weird looks if I have company, but hey... they would too if their hands smelt as good as mine. There's nothing worse than having dry hands, so I am smitten with this hand cream. Nothing more to say!

KICK ASS CONCEALER* - Soap and Glory - £10.00
I did not know that Soap and Glory did concealer, so it was a nice surprise when I found this in the parcel of goodies. This is a really nice little kit, it's called the KICK ASS CONCEALER! I love that it has little layers and the packaging design is really satisfying, there is even a little mirror on the other side of the powder for on-the-go touch ups! I usually use liquid concealers, and I think I always will - but as far as cream concealers go, this is a nice one and if I was a cream concealer gal I would probably use this one. It's neat.

SEXY MOTHER PUCKER PILLOW PLUMP* - Soap and Glory - £10.00
Now as soon as my best friend saw this, she wanted to snatch it out of my hands... this is the SEXY MOTHER PUCKER PILLOW PLUMP lip gloss in shade clear. It's very similar to the new plumping glosses we discussed earlier, but the original formula. It's got that fizzy tingling sensation (which I weirdly enjoy a lot) and it is a nice simple lip gloss. I'm not sure if they made my lips bigger - I mean, as you can see I have pretty big plump lips naturally haha!

SUPERCAT™ Eyeliner Pen* - Soap and Glory - £6.00
Meow. This is the SUPERCAT Eyeliner Pen, it's pretty swish. I think this eyeliner is fab, it's precise... the only problem I have with these pen eyeliners is that they don't get on with eyeshadow dust very well and seem to clog up. However, if you're not an eye shadow addict and like to wear fierce wings alone then this really is perfect for that. Who doesn't love a good eyeliner wing?

FOAM CALL Body Wash* - Soap and Glory - £6.50
Lastly, we have this beast. This is FOAM CALL body wash, and you really do get a LOT of what you pay for with this - the bottle is HUGE. I've got a pretty hefty collection of Soap and Glory's body washes already, so this was a nice addition (my favourite is the Orangasm scented one!). I was quite pleasantly surprised when I gave this a sniff... it's really nice but also quite... masculine? If I had a boyfriend (sob sob forever alone) I could imagine him using this too. It certainly makes some spectacular bubbles, so it does a good job of being a soap! It has peppermint oils, grapeseed EFAS, fruitliquid fig and orange waterjuice in it... a treat for your nostrils!

Annnnnd - we've come to the end of my Soap and Glory haul - a huge thank you to Soap and Glory for sending me all of these products, you've truly spoilt me rotten. Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed it! See you next time!



  1. I've always loved Soap & Glory too! They're products always smell lush and the names are just a great addition :) Lovely post xx

  2. Love Soap & Glory! Your photos are amazing, really lovely! x

  3. I am a huge fan of soap and glory! I love your blog:)

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