Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Instagram Picks 2 | June 2015

Here's my second 'Instagram Picks' of June! See, I'm totally keeping my word that this is going to become a regular thing, I shall pat myself on the back. So what have I got to discuss this time? Creativity, Lush (well, you could have expected that)... and a few other things! Let's go!

1. So if you haven't watched it already I posted a new video recently called My Everyday Makeup Tutorial - and even though I'm not strictly a beauty vlogger (I am many things rolled into one, and I like it that way!) - I really enjoyed filming it... and I like how it turned out. These were a few snaps from the footage which I liked. You can't tell here but I am so desperate to get my hair cut, it's wonky and shabby - unfortunately I can't get it cut or modified until I've finished filming for #HungerfordFilm. 

2. Hey! A single girl has to kiss many frogs before she finds her prince okay!? I wanted to kiss him, but he hopped away. This little frog was sitting in my garden happily and let me photograph him which was very kind of him, I named him Francis. I actually love taking nature photographs, and I'm hoping to get out and about (especially now I have my new car, but that's something to talk about in a different blog post) to find some beautiful things to photograph in the near future. The worlds a beautiful place and I spend a lot of time indoors... but watch this space - I'm about to change that.

3. Let's start with the fact Lush are promoting that #GayIsOk - and how I think that it's a beautiful thing they're doing. America recently made it legal (party popper) for same sex couples to get married in all 50 states, why this was illegal to begin with (and unfortunately still is in many countries) I will never know! I'm straight - and a huge LGBTQ supporter. I read something the other day which said "Imagine if it was illegal to marry who you truly loved?" - which to myself is bonkers to think about, because someday I DO want to get married (future husband, where are you... I'm going to punch you for making me wait this long when I meet you!) and then I realised this is what the LGBTQ community have had to deal with for so long. Don't get me wrong, we as a world still have a long way to go in regards to equality... but one day, I hope every single human can choose to love and marry whoever they want to wherever they are! And saying that - this Lush soap smells FANTASTIC and is for a very good cause.

4. What a lot of paint on a plate... which I may or may not have dropped onto the carpet because a large fly flew into my face. I'll leave you to your imagination. If you didn't know already, I come from a very large art background. I'm one of those cliches that say "I've been drawing since I could hold a pencil!" - and it's true. Art is the only thing I thought I was mildly good at growing up, I did art at GCSE, I went onto art college for 3 years, and then I even studied it at university (which to be honest sucked...). When I left full time education - art suddenly became something I put on the shelf. I stopped drawing, I stopped painting... in all honesty I felt I stopped everything creative. YouTube had a little part to play in that, because I found a new passion and something else I felt I was good at. Editing, photography and videography soon started to fill all of my time and soon became my job. So today I decided to pick up a paint brush again which was the first time since I did that Matt Smith painting. The new painting didn't turn out how I wanted it to but I still enjoyed it and that's all that matters. I'll show you it in a video soon no doubt.

Thanks for reading - if you enjoy my blog, please do share it with your friends as I love writing on here. Leave a comment of some things you've been up to lately! See you soon in a new video. ILY.