Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Instagram Picks | June 2015

I think we all agree when I say I need to post more here... especially as I love writing here. So, I've decided to start a little series of posts called "Instagram Picks" - this is going to be monthly. Perhaps every two weeks if I'm feeling particularly wild. So let's get on with it!Well, we're all friends here - so I can be openly honest with you. I'm not in the best shape. Now, don't get me wrong - it doesn't make me unhappy on a scale where I'm obsessing over calories... but I recognise I'm a lot curvier than I should be. I'm a short-arse, and I weight almost 11 stone. It's statistically overweight for my height, and I am taking full responsibility. Why? I like food. In particular I like any food that is beige aka carbs. Lately I'm trying to ease myself into healthier eating, for example replacing toast with natural yoghurt and a variety of fruits. I'm enjoying discovering healthier options, but there is still a long way to go. Once I've nailed healthier eating - I want to start exploring exercise options... that's right, I barely ever exercise unless walking to the shops counts. It's a lifestyle that I have recognised that I need to change. I want to be fit and healthy - and currently I can barely run up the stairs without feeling out of breath. I'm working  on it, and that's the first step.
It should be no surprise to you that my current obsession is Baymax from Disney's Big Hero 6, especially if you follow me on Twitter and/or Instagram. I can't explain my love for Baymax, it's just one of those things... I mean look at his little marshmallow appearance. One of my favourite Baymax things I own is the key chain I got from Amazon, I don't usually buy them but this one is for a SPECIAL purpose. My first car key chain - that's right, this little potato is buying her first car very soon. I've settled on a Fiat 500 which you may think is a stereotypical girls car, but hey - I want a tiny car to scoot around in to start with. I've had my driving license for almost 4 years, and even to this day I never celebrated passing my (2nd) driving test. Why? My boyfriend at the time (let's called him Mr Turd) dumped me the day before my practical test - and regardless of the fact I cried for the full hour of the exam I still PASSED with flying colours. It was probably a pity pass... joke. Insert party popper emoji here. I learnt to drive when I was at university, and I found out I really enjoy driving so I certainly don't take after my mum - who would rather gauge her eyeballs with a fork than sit behind the wheel of a car. 

This little ball of fur with four legs is the light of my life. This is Charlie. He's the cutest little lard I've ever had the honour of calling my pet. I'm not quite sure how old he is as we didn't get him as a kitten - he actually adopted me and my family. That's right he chose us. He came to our house one day with a collar on but looked sad and hungry, naturally we tried to figure out who he belonged to - but then he came to us with his collar taken off. He still looked sad and hungry, so we made him part of our family. I actually had another cat at the time who was also called Charlie... so it became Charlie 1 (who's sadly not with us anymore) and Charlie 2... or Toodles... Charles the 2nd... Pudge... he goes by many names. Captain Toodles is my personal favourite.

He's my little furry best friend even though he likes to get in the way a lot, for example when I'm editing he'll thud onto my desk and lie on top of my computer mouse - I can't move him because there is an unsaid rule that you shouldn't disturb cute animals.

Let me know with a comment or a tweet if you enjoyed this post - I'd love to write more if you enjoyed it! Thanks for reading, friend!