Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Lush Exclusives - Oxford Street London 2015

Well, you know me - I am a huge Lush lover so of course I had to visit the new Lush store on Oxford Street in London... and I can tell you now it did not disappoint me. It was everything and more that I could have hoped for, 3 giant floors of beautiful old and new products. I picked up a basket, snatched a large handful of paper bags and started filling it up with some of the new wonders this Lush store had to offer - and here are just SOME of the exclusives. 

Earth Eye Powder - "PROTECT" - £12.00
Let's start off with some of the new make up collection Lush have at the Oxford Street store... I was like a child in a sweet shop, as per usual. I had a browse of their loose eyeshadow powders, and really enjoyed the variety of colours they had on offer. I ended up choosing the shade "PROTECT", which is an absolutely fascinating colour, the photograph doesn't do it justice I can tell you that. The best way I could describe this is to say it looks like pale blue pixie dust, there is something very magical about it. Some people might complain about paying £12.00 for what essentially looks like a very small bottle of eyeshadow - which I would reply with "Don't be silly!"... it's very pigmented and goes a LONG way. This little bottle would indeed last you a very long time, it's worth every penny.

Lipstick - "AFFECTIONATE" - £13.50
Well well well, Lush have bought out some Lipsticks. You know my favourite thing about Lush bringing out make up? The fact that it's animal cruelty-free - and I won't lie, I probably own a lot of make up that's perhaps been tested on animals, but that's the point - with Lush you KNOW. It's why Lush is one of my favourite brands, and I'll be expanding / replacing my make up with Lush products where I can.

This lipstick in shade "AFFECTIONATE" is truly lovely. I chose the colour because it's a pretty spring Pink, which I will wear until Autumn. It's colour pay-off is really good, it feels quite moisturising. No complaints here, nice job Lush!

Bath Bomb - "Experimenter" - £3.75
This Bath Bomb is HUGE. It's the first one that caught my eye and for good reason, I mean look at it! So what does it smell like? It's a very powerful / strong scent - I think it's Marmite syndrome, you'll either love it or hate it. At first it can smell quite smokey, like a sweet bonfire (If that's a thing?!) - which comes from the main ingredient 'vetivert oil'. The sweet tones come from the following ingredients which are vanilla and tonka (Yeah, I didn't know what tonka was either - It's the seeds from a tree called 'dipteryx odorata'.) It's a loud fizzer, with popping candy - which creates an impressive colourful display in your bathtub!

Bath Melts - "Lime Pastille" / "Melting Marshmallow Moment" / "Double Vitality" - £2.00 (each)
I was pleased when I saw a stand which looks like a Pick'N'Mix counter, it was filled with many varieties of Bath Melts. They may look tiny, but these are some of my new favourite products from Lush. Firstly all three do the same thing, you pop one into your bath and watch it slowly melt away - leaving you with some very fragrant pretty oils (and boy do these make you skin soft!).

Lime Pastille - This one is so refreshing, I'm a sucker for citrus scents so if you love limes, you'll love this Lime Pastille bath melt.

Melting Marshmallow Moment - Now, I'm a little confused about this one, I thought there was already a Lush product with this name, unless they've redesigned it? No idea. Sorry. (These products also aren't on the Lush website, so can be quite hard to write about without info!) HOWEVER, do you like Snow Fairy? You'll love this, it's the same scent. It's heavenly.

Double Vitality
- And the citrus scents keep coming... yum! A surprisingly gorgeous mix of lemon and peppermint, and hey, who could resist the cute little pink star? Not me.

Bath Bomb - "Intergalactic" - £3.50
Intergalactic. This bath bomb is absolutely out of this world, and my new favourite from Lush. It looks incredible, but you just WAIT until you throw this bad boy into your bathtub! Everything about it is fantastic - i'd go as far to say it was rather stunning. It's key ingredients are peppermint, cedarwood and vetivert oil. I can promise you you'll enjoy this one, it starts off as a colourful swirl that slowly fizzes away... but my favourite part? Well, is contains fine silver glitter. The glitter combined with the deep blue night sky colour is absolutely mesmerizing. I felt like I was bathing in space.

Bath Bomb - "Guardians Of The Forest" - £3.35
This reminded me of Groot from Guardians Of The Galaxy when I first saw it, so I found the name of it quite fitting. Another fun Bath Bomb - especially if you like the colour Green... for obvious reasons. I'm usually a lover of sicky sweet scents from Lush, but I've lately been enjoying different ones. This Guardians Of The Forest bomb smells quite earthy, but not in a bad way (don't worry, it does not smell like dirt!) - it smells like rosewood oil, which is very pleasant. It leaves your bath water a very neon Green, with some added glitter.. or lustre as Lush like to call it. This is just really cool, and I like it a lot.

Bath Bomb - "Frozen" - £3.75
Whilst we're on the topic of cool bath bombs, nothing comes much cooler than this one. This is Lush's "Frozen" bath bomb... LET IT GO, LET IT GO...into your bath tub. That's right, Lush have jumped on the Disney Frozen band wagon, but I'm not complaining - who doesn't like a bit of Frozen? This one has a scent I adore, because it has Neroli oil as one of the core ingredients - anything related to oranges, you can be sure I'll love it. This bomb has a lovely floral and citrus scent which works really well. So judging by the colours of this one, you can guess what your bath is going to look like once it's fizzed around your tub - a pretty pale blue and white... with that's right MORE GLITTER. I do like glitter, though you do end up looking like Edward Cullen for a while afterwards even after you've dried off. 

Bath Bomb - "Lava Lamp" - £3.35
This is just AWESOME. I repeat, THIS IS AWESOME. Lush's new Lava Lamp bath bomb firstly gets an award for smelling like oranges, that automatically wins in my opinion. Secondly, YOU WON'T BE READY FOR THIS. There are some ingredients which make this a spectacular show whilst you bath, one of which is extra virgin olive oil. Hand in hand with sodium bicarbonate makes a pretty awesome 'lava lamp' effect on the surface of your bath water. Now tell me that doesn't sound awesome to you? Visually, and scent wise - this bath bomb is 10/10... except it's quite messy to clean your tub afterwards thanks to the purple "lava" oils - so beware. Especially if you have parents who will shout at you for ruining their brand new white bath tub.

Bubble Bar - "Pink Flamingo" - £5.95
I've always been a fan of Lush's reusable bubble bars because  feel like you really get your moneys worth, as you can have multiple baths with them! The scent of the Pink Flamingo is quite orange-like, but it's also rather subtle, and sweet. The one thing I will complain about with this is that the product itself is quite heavy, and the one I had broke before I even used it. The stick broke the back of the flamingo off, poor flamingo - he didn't deserve that.

Ballistic - "Cyanide Pill" - £3.50
Well, it's certainly an interesting product name. Cyanide is a highly toxic chemical, which can be very deadly. So I was of course intrigued about this pill shaped bath ballistic. The first thing I did notice about this product was how powdery and crumbly it was. It's core ingredients are: Lemon, Almond Oil, Cedarwood and Rosewood. I personally don't know if I love or hate the scent, the almond fragrance definitely comes through. It's a fast fizzer, you bath water turns a bright shade of yellow, and then it surprises you with a lot of silver glitter which creates a really cool effect!

Bath Bomb - "Yoga Bomb" - £3.75
I was quite curious about this bath bomb called 'Yoga Bomb' - because from the outside it just looks quite boring. But no, I knew something better was inside - I could tell as you can see a slight purple and blue stripe down the middle. Floral and citrus scents are my favourite, so this one certainly doesn't disappoint. Orange, Purple and Turquoise foam swirls which actually last a long time, oh and of course they added some lustre (glitter) for good measure! No complaints here!

Bubble Bar - "Flowering Tea" - £4.95
Saving the best until last, this is the Flowering Tea reusable bubble bar. I absolutely LOVE the design of this product - it's just a really neat concept for a bubble bar. I don't even like tea, but couldn't resist this one. Apparently there ARE flowers inside this bubble bar - I'm yet to try it to find out. It's too pretty. It's covered in lustre which gives the teabag a nice sheen to it, and you probably could have guessed that it's a floral scent! It has Jasmine and Orange Flower in the ingredients - I approve of it. A very lovely new addition to the Lush store (Oxford St)!

So what are YOU most excited to try from the new exclusive items? Hopefully some of these will expand to other stores. Overall - I was extremely satisfied with my adventure to the new Lush store, and will definitely be visiting again! Thank you for reading! Share with your Lush-loving friends!


  1. Oh wow this all looks so lovely! I think my friend and I are both wanting to take a trip to the Oxford Street store, so this post has been really helpful for a little sneak peek at what's inside. I'm most excited for the bath melts, since they all sound so lovely, as well as the little tea bag shaped bubble bars - WOW is the only word I can think of for them! x

    Hannah | The Crafty Fox

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