Monday, 9 March 2015

Mother's Day | Lush 2015

Mother's Day is just around the corner (March 15th, for us in the UK) - and if there is one thing mums deserve, it's to be pampered. I actually have to physically battle my mum to stop doing things on Mother's Day. Washing up? Nope, this is where I can force my dad to do it instead. Cook dinner? Yep, let's make dad do that too! Unfortunately I won't be with my mum this Mother's Day, but this doesn't mean I can't spoil her rotten.

So what do Lush have in store for this Mother's Day? Well, I can tell you - some bloomin' lovely things! I wish I could keep these products for myself, but that wouldn't make me a good daughter would it?!

1. Love You Mum* (Soap) - £4.25
This is a rather large soap bar shaped like a flower. Imagine shoving your face into a bouquet of flowers... well that's basically what this soap smells like. It has a very strong scent of Jasmine, and mimosa flowers (yeah, I didn't know what a mimosa is either, luckily Google does!)

2. Mother Superior* (Bubbleroon) - £3.75
Firstly, can someone tell me the difference between a bubble bar, and a bubbleroon?! They seem to be the same things. Now - I like this product a lot, it's probably one of my favourite Lush scents "Cherry Blossom". It's so fresh and calming, it's the same scent as the Sakura bathbomb if you're familar with that one. Yummy!

3. Yummy Mummy* (Shower Gel) - £4.75 100g
I'm usually quite pleased with all of Lush's shower gels, especially their scents (some of my favourites in particular are So White and Snow Fairy) - and Lush didn't disappoint with their Mother's Day shower gel either. It's a lovely purple colour, and this one has "lustre" shimmer included in the gel to give you that little extra sparkle when you drag yourself out of the bath! This is a very SWEET lilac scent, but it's very pleasant! I can't stop sniffing the bottle, somebody take this away from me.

4. Yummy Mummy* (Body Conditioner) - £19.95 240g
I know, quite steep for a tub of body conditioner (in my opinion) but it's a nice treat for your mum remember! This body conditioner does smell good, it claims to smell like strawberry juice - however I'm not sure I can smell that. I'm not actually sure what this scent compares to actually, but I can promise you it's very lovely.

5. Rose Bombshell (Bathbomb) - £3.50
Saving a good one until last, the bathbomb! This bathbomb turns your (mums) bath water a shade of Pink! Whilst delivering a cute little present in the form of rose petals - personally I can't stand bathbombs that hide hidden dead flowers or seaweed inside (I have an irrational fear that a spider or other insect may have accidentally made it's way into the bathbomb, I KNOW I AM CRAZY OKAY!). I wish they would make this bathbomb without the hidden presents inside. It smells WONDERFUL. It's perhaps one of the nicest scents Lush have made into a bathbomb.

Those are the few things I have gathered for my Mum for Mother's Day! Let's hope she enjoys them! What are you getting YOUR mum for Mother's Day? Leave it in a comment! Thanks for reading!