Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Sephora / America Makeup Haul

One of the things I was most excited for whilst visiting America was going to Sephora, and finding make up I hadn't seen here in England. Make up excites me, and it makes me feel happy - so to say that my trip to Sephora felt rather magical is an understatement! So what did I pick up on my trip? (Watch the video here!(Note: The British prices in the captions are estimated, the US price is correct! Also bare in mind that things are always cheaper in the USA compared to UK - I will put a * next to estimated UK prices)

The Return Of Sexy Palette | Too Faced - *£32.00 ($49.00)
Too Faced is a brand I was looking forward to discovering, and it really did NOT disappoint me. The first thing I stumbled upon was this BEAUTIFUL palette called "The Return of Sexy" - I'm not sure the photograph does it much justice. The eyeshadows are SO pigmented and just... stunning. I love the trio colour sets, and the glittery shades sold this to me. It also comes with a really cool eyeliner, which I wasn't expecting! What's even cooler about this palette is it comes with little "how to" cards behind the mirror, which I thought was just charming!

Sweethearts Blush | Too Faced - *£20.00 ($30.00)
I am a BIG lover of blushes. This one was just too cute not to buy, the packaging is just gorgeous! This is a beautiful blush, it has three shades in one (though sometimes I like to just swirl all of them together because I'm rebellious like that...) This is perfect to add a little bit of colour to your cheeks, and I'm in love with it.

Dual-Intensity Eyeshadow "Himalia" | NARS - £21.00 ($29.00)
My first NARS product, I know we can get this brand in the UK but I've never really looked at it a lot. This little solo eyeshadow is literally like melted gold when you swatch it. This is NARS Dual Intensity Eyeshadow in shade Himalia! I honestly don't usually buy single eyeshadows, I'm definitely more of a palette gal - if you ever get a chance to swatch this in a shop then definitely do! It'll make you look like the heart eyes emoji.

Brow Wiz | Anastasia Beverly Hills - *£15.00 ($21.00)
Well, if you're into beauty bloggers - most of you could have probably predicted this purchase. Yes, here's the Anastasia BROW WIZ! I was too curious not to buy this, there has been a large hype about this magical eyebrow pencil for a long time - so I finally caved and bought one in shade medium ash / medium brown (there was about million different shades so I just guessed which shade I was). I won't lie, I've never used an eyebrow pencil. I tried this out, and you know what? I'm pleasantly impressed. I usually use eyebrow powder, which sometimes can be a bit too intense. This gives a lovely filled in brow, whilst keeping it looking natural. Good job Anastasia!

Clever | Formula X - £8.00 ($12.50) // Whirlpool | Formula X - *£8.00 ($12.50)
Well, of course I came back with some nail varnishes... I have no regrets. Formula X has been taunting me online for a while, with their very pretty shades. I came back home with two of these, the Purple one which is called Clever, and the glittery elephant Grey one called Whirlpool. I've used them both and they're brilliant - I wish I had bought more I won't lie to you.

LipSurgence "Exposed" / "Achiote" / "Lust" | Tarte - *£15.00 ($24.00) each
Tarte cosmetics. My new love. I won't lie, these three lip products I got for free in a goodie bag from Playlist Live but I had planned on getting my hands on some anyway so WIN-WIN I say! These are fabulous, these are Tarte's LipSurgence Lip Tints! I'm in love with the nude shade "exposed" as it's a very natural shade which matches my lip colour almost. These little lip crayons all smell like peppermint, as peppermint oil is one of the main ingredients - so they're super refreshing! They're like a hybrid between a lipstick and a lipgloss. They apply like a lipstick, and last - but they have the sheen of a gloss.

Tartist Clay Paint Liner | Tarte - *£15.00 ($24.00)
This is the thing I'm MOST excited to write about, I've never been so impressed with an eyeliner before in my life. This is the Tartist Clay Paint Liner! The consistency is perfect (thanks to that Amazonian Clay in the ingredients which also helps it to be long-wearing), and don't get me started on the angled brush (which I actually thought just bent in the box, doh!). Alas, this brush is designed to make applying eyeliner easily. And boy, does it work! I can safely say I probably won't be using another eyeliner again except this one, that's how brilliant it is.

Lights, Camera, LASHES! Mascara | Tarte - *£13.00 ($20.00)
Another beauty bloggers favourite, and again - I've realised why. This is Tarte's Lights, Camera, LASHES mascara - and it's brilliant. It's beaten all of my mascara faves, even my beloved Sleek Full Fat Lash one. As Tarte says, it's like a push-up bra for your eyelashes. I find the packaging interesting, it's like a thick material which is actually quite satisfying to hold and squish (hehe). The brush applicator is perfect to avoid those nasty spider clumped lashes! Again, Tarte has impressed me once again!

Pink Buttercream Pearlmatte Face Powder | M.A.C Cosmetics - *£20.00 ($21.00)
These last two beauties aren't from Sephora, they're from M.A.C - I'm not entirely sure if you can get these here in England but hey maybe you can! Now I won't lie, I bought this because it just looked so pretty, I mean just look at it! This is M.A.C's Pearlmatte Face Powder in Pink Buttercream, and unfortunately I can't find it online besides Ebay and Amazon etc. Sorry.

If there is one product that knows how to highlight / reflect light it's this one, it gives you a gorgeous pearl glow. It's a super soft and silky face powder. M.A.C never disappoints me.

Pastelluxe Veluxe Pearlfusion Shadow | M.A.C Cosmetics - £30.00 ($28.00)
Saving one of my favourites until last (how many times have I said something is my favourite in the post, I'm in love with everything, that is why) this is M.A.C's Veluxe Pearlfusion Shadow in shade Pastelluxe. Believe me when I say this is hard to photograph to look as amazing as it does in real life. If I was a Disney princess, I imagine that I would wear this on my eyes as it has a very magical feel to it. I am struggling to describe how beautiful this mini palette is... so I'll keep it short. It's the most glorious product I've ever bought from M.A.C.

And that's it! All of the gorgeous things I treated myself to in America from Sephora and M.A.C! What was your favourite? Let me know in a comment! Thanks for reading!


  1. Ooh I do love looking at everyone's makeup! Some really lovely finds here!

    Hannah | The Crafty Fox

  2. MAC palette looks a m a z i n g

  3. I always love visiting Sephora when I go to America :) The Too Faced Sweethearts palette looks amazing, I am obsessed with the Nars Dual intensity eyeshadows and love the shade Himalia as it’s a part of the dual intensity palette :) You got some amazing bits :)

    Charlee XO | CharmedCharlee

  4. I love the packaging on the lights,camera,LASHES mascara. It looks so pretty <3

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