Wednesday, 14 January 2015

MAC Haul

Remember when you were a kid and your parents took you to a sweet shop, and you literally wanted to buy the entire store? Well, this is how I feel when I walk into MAC Cosmetics. There's something magical about make up, and MAC is definitely one of my favourite brands. I certainly don't make a habit of visiting MAC because it's a high-end brand which definitely costs a pretty penny or two - but sometimes a girl has to treat herself... or so I like to tell myself. So let's see what I found in the mystical magical MAC store!

Mineralize Blush - 'Please Yourself' / M.A.C - £21.00

This blush is stunning, it's like crushed Pink diamonds. It's the most beautiful blusher I have ever seen, so of course I couldn't just leave without buying it. This Mineralize Blush in shade 'Please Yourself' is nicely pigmented, and it has a gorgeous glitter shimmer. I'm definitely enjoying more girly pink colours when it comes to blushing my cheeks. I think this blush is going to become a favourite of mine (if it hasn't already!) - what more is there to say? It's perfect.
Amplified Creme Lipstick - 'Impassioned' / M.A.C - £15.50 | Frost Lipstick - 'Angel' / M.A.C - £15.50
I've only ever bought one lipstick from MAC prior to this trip, which is in my favourite shade "Russian Red" - I've always been drawn to a classic Red lip. However lately I've started to enjoy more natural shades and Pinks. I wanted to get "Creme Cup" but of course it was out of stock! So I got the closest colour to that which is "Angel" - it's a lovely natural lip colour which I'm very excited to wear! The next shade I bought was "Impassioned" (really awkward when you ask the shop assistant for "I'm Passioned" - oops!) - this colour is a very sassy pink, but not too neon! I think this will be perfect for spring!

Mineralize Eye Shadow - "A Waft Of Grey" / M.A.C - £33.00
I'm running out of descriptive words here, because everything from MAC is either stunning, beautiful or gorgeous - and this quad eye shadow is no exception! This is MAC's Mineralize "A Waft Of Grey" quad palette, and it really does get me excited just looking at it! Look at that sparkly silver, ooh it makes me feel happy. This is the perfect palette if you're into that sassy smokey eye look!

Pro Eye Makeup Remover / M.A.C - £10 | Zoom Fast Black Lash Mascara / M.A.C - £10
These last two items were more of a whim, they're the little treats MAC like to hide at the counter where you pay, so of course I picked them up and shoved them into my basket! I'm travelling to America soon, so they will be perfect for my travel make up bag! Little did I know that MAC sell these travel miniatures for £10... each. Ouch! Now, minus the hefty price for what I would call product samples / travel size - I do know that the Zoom Fast Lash mascara is great. I had a smaller sample of this mascara and I fell in love with it a while ago. As for the small Pro Eye Makeup Remover... I'm not sure it was worth the money I paid for it - mainly because it's pretty much the same as the Micellar Cleansing Water I use from Garnier for about a third of the price (at full size!). Nevermind, they will certainly come in handy on my travels! 

So what are YOUR favourite products from MAC Cosmetics? Let me know in a comment below!
As always, thank you for reading - see you next Wednesday!



  1. You picked up such lovely products Cherry! Really love the look of the blush it is absolutely gorgeous! My fave product from Mac at the moment is their matte lipstick in Lingering Kiss :) x

    Jordan | Keep Dreaming ♥

  2. I would love to try some MAC cosmetics, but I think that for the time being I'll just stick to drugstore priced products that work well for me! In the future I would love to try some of their lipsticks as they've got some really lovely colours :3

    Hannah | The Crafty Fox

  3. This makeup is beautiful,I want to become beautiful point, so recently wanted to buy some cosmetics to dress themselves, do not know mac makeup good or not, many of my friends are using.

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