Sunday, 20 December 2015

Huge Sephora Haul

Well... it's no surprise that the one place I gravitated towards on my trip to the USA was Sephora. The heaven of anyone who is a make up lover, like myself! I'm going to be honest I saved up for this Sephora visit, I knew I was going to go wild - and I did! The most wonderful thing about going to Sephora is that they stock brands that are unavailable here in the UK, so it really was like putting a small child into a sweet shop and saying "you can choose all of the candy you want to, don't be shy! Fill up your basket, little one!" - and it truly filled me with joy. Let's have a look at the treasures I found in Sephora!
Urban Decay | Vice 4 Palette / £43
 I'm going to start with the new addition to Urban Decay's VICE palette range. This is the VICE 4 palette *a choir of angels sing* - everything about it is gorgeous. I got the VICE 3 for Christmas last year from my brother, and I cried when I opened it... yes seriously I cried in front of my whole family and I felt mildly traumatised because they all looked at me confused to why some eyeshadow would turn me into a weeping wreck on Christmas Day. Hey - we all have things that make us feel extremely happy and make up just happens to be the thing that can make me happy cry.

If you thought the packaging for the last one was beautiful, this one is even more spectacular! It's 3D and has that oil slick colour effect... ooft. As per usual the palette comes with a double ended eyeshadow brush, and it's a decent one too! It has 20 different eyeshadow shades, some are glittery and some are also matte. My personal favourites are 'Flame', '1985' and 'Bones'. I think there is something for everyone in this palette, it has bright colours, neutrals, glitters, mattes. It's just lovely.

Too Faced | Candlelight Glow Highlighting Powder Duo / £22
Next is a lovely little highlighting powder duo from Too Faced, and it's called Candlelight Glow. I only discovered this brand back in February on my first trip to Sephora, and I fell in love. The packaging is always so elegant. I became a huge highlighter fan this year, and this one has two different shades so I feel like I bought two! One side is a normal champagne highlight colour, and the other side is a soft pink - it's designed to 'capture the soft radience of a romantic candelit room instantly'. It also has a pretty well sized mirror inside which is always a plus, and I really do love makeup that has a design embossed into it - in this case a candle chandelier!

Kat Von D | Lipstick (Hexagram) / $21 (£14)
 The one brand I was excited to get my hands on was Kat Von D. I love the way her makeup is designed, it's very rocker-style. I got two pieces from her range, a lipstick and a liquid lipstick. The first was a lipstick in the shade 'Hexagram' which is a deep Red. I can't express how much I love the product design, the studs are SO cool. This lipstick smells just like the MAC ones, which have a vanilla scent.

Kat Von D | Liquid Lipstick (Outlaw) / $20 (£13)
The liquid lipstick by Kat Von D that I got was in shade 'Outlaw', which is also a deep Red (I love the classic Red lip!) This is a long-wear, full coverage liquid lipstick with a smooth, matte finish - honestly this colour won't move until you threaten it with a makeup wipe.. which is what I like to hear because I hate having to re-apply throughout the day!

Hourglass | Ambient Light Blush (Incandescent Electra) / $35 (£24)
You know those products you see every beauty blogger bang on about? Well, I end up wanting to know what the fuss is about after hearing about it so much. This is an ambient lighting blush by Hourglass in the shade 'Incandescent Electra', which is a bit of a mouthful, I know. I know that not everybody likes wearing blush, but I have worn it ever since I discovered makeup, so I'm always keen to find new ones. This is a lovely shimmer blush, and claims to be buildable in colour. Honestly it's a really pretty addition to my makeup collection which I think I'm going to be using a lot!

Too Faced | Better Than Sex Mascara / £17
A mascara that is 'Better Than Sex' I hear you say? Well, that is quite a big claim isn't it... so is it? I mean, it's a lovely mascara, the wand is a good hourglass shape to keep those lashes seperated, and the tube itself is made from metal which is a nice change from plastic! It's actually pretty heavy compared to any of my other mascaras in my collection. However... I'm not so sure it's better than sex, maybe they should call it better than all of your other mascaras? Overall, it's a great mascara!
TonyMoly | Mini Cherry Lip Balm / £8
Next up are two small little products, one of which was gifted to me by my fellow YouTube pal BrizzyVoices. You know when you pay for your shopping, and when you're walking out you see something you wish you'd seen before you had paid? It was one of those moments. It's a Cherry Lip Balm in the shape of a Cherry - before I knew it Brizzy had thrown it into her basket and said Merry Christmas! She is a sweet angel of Christmas. (Thank you Brizzles!) This mini cherry lip balm is by a brand called TonyMoly and it smells like sweet cherries! It's the cutest thing I have ever seen, I love it!

Original Beautyblender | Mini / £14
Sticking with the theme of mini products, I also picked up some micro Beautyblender. I love the full sized ones, and I loved the idea of the mini ones so I could be more precise underneath my eyes and other small areas that are hard to cover with a normal sized one! Now, they are quite expensive for what they are, but I promise you they are really great at applying makeup and you can also wash them to look brand new again! Beautyblenders are a 'must have' in my makeup collection.

Origins | GinZing Energy-Boosting Moistuiser / £24
Another product I had seen floating around in the world of YouTube, this is Origins 'GinZing' energy-boosting moisturiser. I've been looking for a new moisturizer for a long time, especially as I'm now in my mid-twenties panicking about getting wrinkles and looking old. The thing that completely sold me was the scent of this product, Oranges. However as far as moisturisers go, it's honestly the best one I have EVER used in my life and I think I'll continue to repurchase this one. That is how much it impressed me, and my skin seems happier for it. If my skin could smile, it would.

Marc Jacobs | Daisy Collection Trio / $45 (£30)
I promised myself I wouldn't buy any new perfumes for a long time after reviewing my collection about a month ago, I have too many. However I made an exception for a few mini roll-on perfumes by Marc Jacobs, with the Daisy collection. I remembered I loved a sample I sniffed in a magazine once, and have always wanted some scents from Marc Jacobs ever since. I took the plunge, no regrets. They all smell bloomin' lovely - pun intended.

And that's it! If you enjoyed this blog post maybe you'd like watch the video to go with it here!
Thanks for reading, Merry Christmas!

Monday, 23 November 2015

Home Decor: Sass & Belle

I am a huge lover of home decor, it's perhaps one of my weaknesses. There's just something lovely about homeware, and it's probably because I believe it makes a house a home when you're surrounded by things that you truly love. I enjoy shopping online and lusting over all of the beautiful things, and Sass & Belle is always a place I find myself browsing. So when they asked me if I wanted some of their things as an early Christmas present I snatched their hand off, and said yes. So I cherry-picked (eyy!) some things which I love, and think you will too! Let's have a look at what I chose!

Copper Serving Dish / £14 | Copper Hammered Mini Bowl / £6 - Sass & Belle
Well as soon as I saw that Sass & Belle launched a 'Copper Collection' I needed to remind myself to breathe - there is something very charming about copper. I selected two things which were the serving dish and the hammered mini bowl. They're just so pleasing to look at, and these two pieces are perfect for little trinkets lying around... makeup, jewellery - you name it, it'll probably look good on a copper plate. And did I mention how cute that bowl is?

Copper Measuring Spoons (set of four) / £7 | Sass & Belle
Well, what can I say - cakes, copper and cuteness. I have loved baking for as long as I can remember, which is a shame because I don't do it as often as I'd like to. Though I did make a cracking carrot cake for my dads birthday this weekend, and it was delicious if I do say so myself. Just call me Mary Berry. Homeware doesn't stop in my bedroom and office - I also love kitchenware, and I have started collecting it because I can't live at home forever which means I'll have my kitchen equipped and ready to roll when the time comes. This is a set of four copper measuring spoons, and they're so dainty and stylish!
Retro Pastel Measuring Cups (set of four) / £13 | Sass & Belle
You know you're an adult when kitchenware really excites you and gives you butterflies... or maybe that's just me? Either way, these measuring cups are the best thing I have perhaps given a home to in my kitchen. I am a big fan of pastel colours, and I have also wanted some measuring cups for a very long time because many of my baking / cookery books like to measure in American. These retro pastel measuring cups are so adorable, I love everything about them. They make me want to become a house wife and bake all day and every day.

Layla Coffee Cups / £20 | Sass & Belle 
I have three words for you. Cute. Stackable. Cups. I never thought I'd ever need stackable cups until I saw these pastel embossed coffee cups. You'd be surprised how many people glare at me in disgust when I tell them I am not a tea drinker "BUT YOU'RE BRITISH, YOU HAVE TO LIKE TEA!", well I hate to disappoint you but I have never been a lover of tea. Coffee on the other hand, yes. A nice lovely cup of hot coffee is like a hyperactive hug in a mug. I'll take 10, with milk and 2 sugars. Thank you.

Heart LED Wall Decoration / £25 | Sass & Belle
I'm not one for lying. I chose this because it reminded me of Tumblr, and it's one of my favourite websites. It reminded me of those cute rooms with fairy lights, cushions, blankets and oh yes - a cute heart LED wall decoration to add extra ambiance. They're so cute - they also remind me of those Hollywood mirrors which I will most likely own one of one day.

What are your thoughts on home decor? Do you love it, or do you not make a fuss about it? Let me know in a comment, and if you enjoyed this post - share it with someone who you think will like it too! Thanks for reading. See you soon!
(All products featured in this post were gifted, but not sponsored.)


Thursday, 1 October 2015

Happy 20th Anniversary Lush!

Happy 20th Birthday Lush!
The doorbell rang a week ago, and the postman delivered me a large surprise parcel! I unwrapped it to discover a beautiful wooden box of treats, from the one and only Lush Cosmetics! My face was a real life heart-eyed emoji. I'm a very lucky girl because Lush always send me their new seasonal products - but this time it was different! This surprise box was to celebrate Lush's 20th Birthday.

Lets take a look inside!
I had absolutely no idea that this company had been going for so long, I only really discovered Lush about 3 years ago in 2012! However, in reality - Lush was born in May 1995! Crazy huh? It now has over 900 stores in 49 countries worldwide! So I was extremely happy to celebrate with this box... lets have a look inside!

Oral Pleasure - Toothy Tabs / Lush / £5.95*
Well... the first thing that grabbed my attention first was this bottle of... ORAL PLEASURE! Oh Lush, you definitely gave me a giggle with this product name! I have always been extremely curious about Lush's unusual 'TOOTHY TABS', but never took the plunge to actually buy any. These are small tablets - designed to replace toothpaste... who knew Lush made products for dental hygiene?
(NEW! I think this may be an Oxford Street Exclusive, it's not on their website...)

This is a very unusual take on toothpaste, it's core ingredients are designed to clean your teeth, and leave them feeling lovely and smooth. At first, I was very pleased with how these smelt - a beautiful sweet (yet clinical) scent of passionfruit. However I wasn't convinced they would taste as wonderful so I put these to the test.

To use these, you take one from the bottle and nibble / crunch it between your teeth (very bizzare to do) and then start brushing your teeth with water as usual... unfortunately I was right they don't taste as great as they smell - but they certainly aren't bad. I feel as though this is a product I could definitely get used to, especially as my teeth felt wonderful after using one of these toothy tabs. Maybe I'll try to add a bit of Oral Pleasure to my daily morning routine and see how I get on... oh my.

Honey I Washed My Hair - Shampoo Bar / Lush / £5.75*
What have we got here? Another product I have never tried before? Why yes, we have! This is the HONEY I WASHED MY HAIR Shampoo Bar. Shampoo bars are another product that Lush sell which I have never been brave enough to buy or use... but this one smells lovely so I think I'm going to give it a go next time I wash my hair! I love the little tin it came with to keep it safe and mess-free. This smells delicious... dare I say it smells like one of those products you sort of want to put into your mouth but you know you'd regret it if you did! Don't wash your mouth out with soap, kids... unless you've been saying bad curse words, then you should (Don't!).
Pink Flamingo - Bubble Bar / Lush / £5.95* ||| Kinky - Hot Oil Treatment / Lush / £6.50*
Next are two products, one of which I have bought before - and the other is a completely new product that I have not seen before! So lets start with the PINK FLAMINGO Bubble Bar, which is in one piece unlike the first one I had! I sort of wish these sticks were a little bit more sturdy, as the bubble bar seems to just break off... but the product is still very lovely! It smells super fruity (which is what we like!) and it makes LOADS of bubbles - what more could you ask for from a (reusable) bubble bar?

Next is a product I'm perhaps going to donate to my best friend, this is the (NEW!) KINKY Hot Oil Treatment for hair, which is inspired by those hot chocolate cubes on sticks that you melt in hot milk... mmm. This kinky product is designed to strengthen natural curls, and restore your hair... it has quite an exotic fragrance! So if you have curly hair, or hair that just needs a treat - maybe you'd like this!

The Rough With The Smooth - Solid Body Scrub / Lush / £4.95*
This is another (NEW!) product I've not seen before, and it's called THE ROUGH WITH THE SMOOTH - this is a solid body scrub. I'm all for making my skin smoother so I'm so intrigued about this product, it has a blend of black pepper oil, patchouli oil and vanilla absolute - with some bewitching pagan perfume added in there too! I don't think I've ever used a solid block body scrub before, this one in particular is made with granulated sugar and murumuru butter to get your skin super smooth and super soft! It smells delicious.

Cup O' Coffee - Face/Body Mask / Lush / £6.50*
Mmm, nothing beats a CUP O' COFFEE in the morning... and that's exactly what this is... except you may not want to drink this one! This little (NEW!) Black pot of joy is a face and body mask, which is very runny. As expected - it smells a lot like coffee! You're meant to smooth this over your face and body, and then leave it for a good 10-15 minutes. Though that did leave me wondering what you're meant to do to pass the time whilst smothered in this coffee mask...

What's inside this product? Well, it's made with roasted cocoa extract, vetivert and coriander oil. It has little rough ground up bits of coffee in this, so it certainly would help smooth your skin. It's not the most attractive product, but hey - if you are a coffee lover... this one's for you!

The Experimenter - Bath Bomb / Lush / £3.75*
Ahh, this is THE EXPERIMENTER bath bomb, which you may have thought was exclusive to London's Oxford Street flagship store - BUT NOT ANYMORE. That's right, this bath bomb is now part of Lush's core product range which has now been rolled out into Lush stores worldwide! Finally. 

This bath bomb is actually the second The Experimenter I have owned, and I stand by that it's one of those products / scents you will either love or hate. It's VERY strong and powerful... I still haven't decided if I like its fragrance if I'm being honest with you. However, the thing that makes me want to use this bath bomb over and over again is the BEAUTIFUL art it creates in your bath water. It's definitely one of the bath bombs which have the 'wow' factor when you watch it fizz away in your bubble kingdom. We all need an explosion of colour in our life... and this will do just that.
Pumice Power - Foot Soap / Lush / £3.25*
Another snazzy (NEW!) product, this is called PUMICE POWER.. and it's a foot soap. That's right, a soap just for your tired little feet. Whether you're at school, or you're at work - I have no doubt you're on your feet a lot... and hey, feet need love too y'know?! This is a soapy pumice bar that breaks down that tough / rough skin (ew) on your feet. My favourite thing about this pumice bar is it has an orange fragrance, and you know I love orange anything! This gets my fullest approval from my nose, and my feet.
Salted Coconut - Hand Scrub / Lush / £7.95*
Coconut - it's probably my second favourite scent / flavour... though again, I wouldn't advise eating this even though it smells delicious. This is the (NEW!) SALTED COCONUT Hand Scrub. This is a very creamy coconut and sea salt exfoliator, and as Lush say "It's the perfect way to keep your paws in tiptop condition!" - lovely. I personally really like this product a lot, and so do my hands!

Layer Cake - Soap / Lush / £3.50*
Now - I'm really not a lover of solid soaps, I always pass them onto my friends or family. I just prefer my soap to come out of a tube... personal preference I guess. This is a (NEW!) solid soap from Lush called LAYER CAKE, and it's a lovely sweet juicy scent. It contains FIVE real fruit juices, it has an uplifting scent of orange oil (yaas, orange scent, yum yum yum). It does everything a soap should do, look cute, smell good and clean well! Good job.

Annnnd we have come to the end of my beautiful soapy pandoras box! It truly was a beautiful gift, so thank you Lush! I hope you guys enjoyed reading all about some of Lush's new releases! Now I might go and run myself a bubble bath....
Thanks for reading!
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Love, Cherry xxx.


Friday, 11 September 2015

Soap and Glory Haul | AD

SEXY MOTHER PUCKER Lip Plumping Gloss - Soap and Glory 
 I have loved Soap and Glory since I was a teenager (and boy does that seem like a lifetime ago!), so I was absolutely over the moon when they asked me to work with them. What a lucky duck I am! They sent me some parcels full of goodies, and you bet I ripped through the tissue paper to unfold all of the glorious products. I really wasn't disappointed - I now have a whole load of soapy goodness to keep me going for a very long time! So let's have a look at some of them...

SEXY MOTHER PUCKER Lip Plumping Gloss* - Soap and Glory - £9.00 per lip gloss
These SEXY MOTHER PUCKER lip glosses are new arrivals, and I have had the pleasure of testing these beauties out before they launched - I've had time to love them! They come in 7 new shades: Plumsup, Bare Enough, Nudestar, Rose & Shine, Super-Peach, Candy Queen and Spun Sugar. I have had a love-hate relationship with lip gloss for as long as I could remember, I started using them more about 2 years ago - but even then I found them a little bit too sticky for my liking! So when these claimed to be smooth and less sticky - I couldn't wait to try them out.

They smell like chocolate orange which I LOVE a lot - but do they do what they say on the tin? Yes. They are smooth, they are glossy... but my favourite part is the lip plumping sensation they give. These particular glosses make your lips feel fizzy, that's the only way to describe it! Love it!

ONE HECK OF A BLOT Primer* - Soap and Glory - £10.00
What's this? Another new arrival? This is the ONE HECK OF A BLOT Primer. I use primer every time I put make up on, it's like preparing a canvas. Nobody likes their face to slip off... or their pores to show!

I've used a lot of high end primers, and now all I can say is they now have competition! The consistency of this is really nice, it's scent free which I don't mind so much in a primer. This absorbs oil (pesky oil, nobody likes you), and controls shine which for me is a GODSEND as on camera you don't want to look like a shiny disco-ball! I think I found my new favourite primer.

ARCHERY Brow Tint & Precision Pencil* - Soap and Glory - £10.00
Eyebrows on fleek, we all want them. This is something I had actually been meaning to buy for a long time, especially since I started using an eyebrow pencil instead of a powder in February - and I never went back. This is the ARCHERY Brow Tint & Precision Pencil. It's a really neat product and my favourite thing about it is that it's dual ended. The crayon is great and something I'm used to using, but I fell in love with the super sharp tip on the other end, which I can only describe as a very fine felt-tip pen... but for brows. FABULOUS BROWS. This gives you the brows you've always wanted.
You guys know I love pampering myself in the bubble kingdom, but I also love to continue after I have hopped out! Here are two large tubs of joy, let's start with THE RIGHTEOUS BUTTER - the scent of this is what I imagine whenever I think of Soap and Glory, it's their Original Pink scent and it's YUMMY. I want to smear this all over myself all day every day, that's how delicous is smells. It leaves your skin super soft and smooth, on top of smelling like a princess. Recommend 10/10!

Next we're onto the SMOOTHIE STAR BREAKFAST SCRUB! This one is a whole different story... I want to eat it, I want to scoop it out of its tub with a spoon and put it into my mouth (don't do that though). In fact it smells SO GOOD it actually has a warning on the back of the tub telling you it's not a food haha. Yes, this exfoliator smells edible - that's because it has banana, almond and honey in it... and smells like maple syrup. Sweet sweet maple syrup. Yum yum yum. And my legs have never felt softer... I now go around asking everyone to stroke my legs, ladies you know what I'm talking about!

SEXY MOTHER BLUSHER* - Soap and Glory - £9.00
Isn't this the cutest blusher you've ever seen? This is the SEXY MOTHER BLUSHER in shade Pinker Belle, and it's actually much pinker than it looks - here it's almost raspberry. It's super creamy which means it's super blendable! Not everyone wears blusher, but I personally don't think my make up is ever complete without it. A nice addition to my blusher collection!

HAND FOOD* - Soap and Glory - £5.00 
I am not a stranger to this product, this is a great hand cream called HAND FOOD and it's got that lovely Original Pink fragrance again... I constantly want to smell my hands after using this - which can often get some weird looks if I have company, but hey... they would too if their hands smelt as good as mine. There's nothing worse than having dry hands, so I am smitten with this hand cream. Nothing more to say!

KICK ASS CONCEALER* - Soap and Glory - £10.00
I did not know that Soap and Glory did concealer, so it was a nice surprise when I found this in the parcel of goodies. This is a really nice little kit, it's called the KICK ASS CONCEALER! I love that it has little layers and the packaging design is really satisfying, there is even a little mirror on the other side of the powder for on-the-go touch ups! I usually use liquid concealers, and I think I always will - but as far as cream concealers go, this is a nice one and if I was a cream concealer gal I would probably use this one. It's neat.

SEXY MOTHER PUCKER PILLOW PLUMP* - Soap and Glory - £10.00
Now as soon as my best friend saw this, she wanted to snatch it out of my hands... this is the SEXY MOTHER PUCKER PILLOW PLUMP lip gloss in shade clear. It's very similar to the new plumping glosses we discussed earlier, but the original formula. It's got that fizzy tingling sensation (which I weirdly enjoy a lot) and it is a nice simple lip gloss. I'm not sure if they made my lips bigger - I mean, as you can see I have pretty big plump lips naturally haha!

SUPERCAT™ Eyeliner Pen* - Soap and Glory - £6.00
Meow. This is the SUPERCAT Eyeliner Pen, it's pretty swish. I think this eyeliner is fab, it's precise... the only problem I have with these pen eyeliners is that they don't get on with eyeshadow dust very well and seem to clog up. However, if you're not an eye shadow addict and like to wear fierce wings alone then this really is perfect for that. Who doesn't love a good eyeliner wing?

FOAM CALL Body Wash* - Soap and Glory - £6.50
Lastly, we have this beast. This is FOAM CALL body wash, and you really do get a LOT of what you pay for with this - the bottle is HUGE. I've got a pretty hefty collection of Soap and Glory's body washes already, so this was a nice addition (my favourite is the Orangasm scented one!). I was quite pleasantly surprised when I gave this a sniff... it's really nice but also quite... masculine? If I had a boyfriend (sob sob forever alone) I could imagine him using this too. It certainly makes some spectacular bubbles, so it does a good job of being a soap! It has peppermint oils, grapeseed EFAS, fruitliquid fig and orange waterjuice in it... a treat for your nostrils!

Annnnnd - we've come to the end of my Soap and Glory haul - a huge thank you to Soap and Glory for sending me all of these products, you've truly spoilt me rotten. Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed it! See you next time!


Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Instagram Picks 2 | June 2015

Here's my second 'Instagram Picks' of June! See, I'm totally keeping my word that this is going to become a regular thing, I shall pat myself on the back. So what have I got to discuss this time? Creativity, Lush (well, you could have expected that)... and a few other things! Let's go!

1. So if you haven't watched it already I posted a new video recently called My Everyday Makeup Tutorial - and even though I'm not strictly a beauty vlogger (I am many things rolled into one, and I like it that way!) - I really enjoyed filming it... and I like how it turned out. These were a few snaps from the footage which I liked. You can't tell here but I am so desperate to get my hair cut, it's wonky and shabby - unfortunately I can't get it cut or modified until I've finished filming for #HungerfordFilm. 

2. Hey! A single girl has to kiss many frogs before she finds her prince okay!? I wanted to kiss him, but he hopped away. This little frog was sitting in my garden happily and let me photograph him which was very kind of him, I named him Francis. I actually love taking nature photographs, and I'm hoping to get out and about (especially now I have my new car, but that's something to talk about in a different blog post) to find some beautiful things to photograph in the near future. The worlds a beautiful place and I spend a lot of time indoors... but watch this space - I'm about to change that.

3. Let's start with the fact Lush are promoting that #GayIsOk - and how I think that it's a beautiful thing they're doing. America recently made it legal (party popper) for same sex couples to get married in all 50 states, why this was illegal to begin with (and unfortunately still is in many countries) I will never know! I'm straight - and a huge LGBTQ supporter. I read something the other day which said "Imagine if it was illegal to marry who you truly loved?" - which to myself is bonkers to think about, because someday I DO want to get married (future husband, where are you... I'm going to punch you for making me wait this long when I meet you!) and then I realised this is what the LGBTQ community have had to deal with for so long. Don't get me wrong, we as a world still have a long way to go in regards to equality... but one day, I hope every single human can choose to love and marry whoever they want to wherever they are! And saying that - this Lush soap smells FANTASTIC and is for a very good cause.

4. What a lot of paint on a plate... which I may or may not have dropped onto the carpet because a large fly flew into my face. I'll leave you to your imagination. If you didn't know already, I come from a very large art background. I'm one of those cliches that say "I've been drawing since I could hold a pencil!" - and it's true. Art is the only thing I thought I was mildly good at growing up, I did art at GCSE, I went onto art college for 3 years, and then I even studied it at university (which to be honest sucked...). When I left full time education - art suddenly became something I put on the shelf. I stopped drawing, I stopped painting... in all honesty I felt I stopped everything creative. YouTube had a little part to play in that, because I found a new passion and something else I felt I was good at. Editing, photography and videography soon started to fill all of my time and soon became my job. So today I decided to pick up a paint brush again which was the first time since I did that Matt Smith painting. The new painting didn't turn out how I wanted it to but I still enjoyed it and that's all that matters. I'll show you it in a video soon no doubt.

Thanks for reading - if you enjoy my blog, please do share it with your friends as I love writing on here. Leave a comment of some things you've been up to lately! See you soon in a new video. ILY. 


Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Instagram Picks | June 2015

I think we all agree when I say I need to post more here... especially as I love writing here. So, I've decided to start a little series of posts called "Instagram Picks" - this is going to be monthly. Perhaps every two weeks if I'm feeling particularly wild. So let's get on with it!Well, we're all friends here - so I can be openly honest with you. I'm not in the best shape. Now, don't get me wrong - it doesn't make me unhappy on a scale where I'm obsessing over calories... but I recognise I'm a lot curvier than I should be. I'm a short-arse, and I weight almost 11 stone. It's statistically overweight for my height, and I am taking full responsibility. Why? I like food. In particular I like any food that is beige aka carbs. Lately I'm trying to ease myself into healthier eating, for example replacing toast with natural yoghurt and a variety of fruits. I'm enjoying discovering healthier options, but there is still a long way to go. Once I've nailed healthier eating - I want to start exploring exercise options... that's right, I barely ever exercise unless walking to the shops counts. It's a lifestyle that I have recognised that I need to change. I want to be fit and healthy - and currently I can barely run up the stairs without feeling out of breath. I'm working  on it, and that's the first step.
It should be no surprise to you that my current obsession is Baymax from Disney's Big Hero 6, especially if you follow me on Twitter and/or Instagram. I can't explain my love for Baymax, it's just one of those things... I mean look at his little marshmallow appearance. One of my favourite Baymax things I own is the key chain I got from Amazon, I don't usually buy them but this one is for a SPECIAL purpose. My first car key chain - that's right, this little potato is buying her first car very soon. I've settled on a Fiat 500 which you may think is a stereotypical girls car, but hey - I want a tiny car to scoot around in to start with. I've had my driving license for almost 4 years, and even to this day I never celebrated passing my (2nd) driving test. Why? My boyfriend at the time (let's called him Mr Turd) dumped me the day before my practical test - and regardless of the fact I cried for the full hour of the exam I still PASSED with flying colours. It was probably a pity pass... joke. Insert party popper emoji here. I learnt to drive when I was at university, and I found out I really enjoy driving so I certainly don't take after my mum - who would rather gauge her eyeballs with a fork than sit behind the wheel of a car. 

This little ball of fur with four legs is the light of my life. This is Charlie. He's the cutest little lard I've ever had the honour of calling my pet. I'm not quite sure how old he is as we didn't get him as a kitten - he actually adopted me and my family. That's right he chose us. He came to our house one day with a collar on but looked sad and hungry, naturally we tried to figure out who he belonged to - but then he came to us with his collar taken off. He still looked sad and hungry, so we made him part of our family. I actually had another cat at the time who was also called Charlie... so it became Charlie 1 (who's sadly not with us anymore) and Charlie 2... or Toodles... Charles the 2nd... Pudge... he goes by many names. Captain Toodles is my personal favourite.

He's my little furry best friend even though he likes to get in the way a lot, for example when I'm editing he'll thud onto my desk and lie on top of my computer mouse - I can't move him because there is an unsaid rule that you shouldn't disturb cute animals.

Let me know with a comment or a tweet if you enjoyed this post - I'd love to write more if you enjoyed it! Thanks for reading, friend!