Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Christmas Treats

Christmas shopping is no doubt a chore, so this year I came up with a strategy to make it more bearable,  by buying presents for myself as well... oh come on we've all done it! So let's have a look what I snuck into my shopping basket! 

Titanium Multi-Colour Eyelash Curlers & Tweezers | The Creme Shop - £5.99
I'd been wanting a brand new set of tweezers / eyelash curlers for a while because the ones I own I've literally had for years and they got a bit old and tatty! The ones I found I literally went 'ooh!' when I saw them sitting lonely on a shelf in TK Maxx, mainly because they were so COLOURFUL. They're titanium with a multi-coloured finish - so I know they'll last me a long time as titanium is a very strong metal. They're by a brand called The Creme Shop - which unfortunately don't seem to stock them anymore! Boo. 

Power Bank | iWave - £12.99
Sticking with cool colours, this little device is something I have wanted to get my hands on for a long time! It's called a Power Bank, by iWave. I travel on trains quite a lot, they can be quite tedious journeys so I always have my iPhone or iPad with me for entertainment - and THERE IS NOTHING WORSE than when you run out of battery (or Apple juice, get it? GET IT? I'll get my coat...)! This device once fully charged at home will then charge my devices up to 2.5x on the go! So no more running out of battery. What a wonderful invention. 

Sleek Loves GEL NAILS | Sleek Makeup - £4.99
What would a little haul from me be without a nail varnish? Here's one I bought recently which has become a favourite of mine, it's a classic Red. This beauty is from Sleek Makeup in the shade 'Viper' - which is part of their Gel NAILS collection. What's the difference between normal nail varnish and this one? Honestly, I can't tell much difference except maybe it's a little bit more shiny. Regardless, it doesn't chip and it's a beautiful colour, especially for Christmas time! 

Full Cover Nails (Active Square) | Nailene - £8.49
So, I used to bite my nails SO much growing up, I literally tried everything - including that magic liquid that makes your fingers taste NASTY... but unfortunately none of that stuff worked (I just ended up getting used to that horrible taste in my mouth...)! Nail biting was something I grew out of about 4 years ago, and I've been growing them and painting them every colour you could think of ever since! However this month I cut them all short due to some of them breaking... so I invested in some false nails so they looked nice whilst my real nails grew. Now, I've always hated false nails, especially those "no glue required" ones because they just PING off everywhere, ew. So I bought some which used real glue, from Nailene. They're GLORIOUS, and they look natural and I forget that they're not my own. They even look good unpainted, but my main point is that with these you can design them how you want them to - very impressed (and I never thought I'd say that about false nails)!

Girls Night Lashes by Cheryl | Eylure - £6.00
Continuing with things you can stick onto yourself, false eyelashes! I'm not actually sure why I bought these as I hate the process of putting them on - but I know that they always look GREAT after avoiding getting glue into my eyes and battling with a pair of tweezers. I've never been one for the really fake looking lashes that feel like you're wearing little heavy umbrellas on your eyelids - but I am for ones that enhance the lashes you already have and still look natural. These lovely fluttery lashes are by Eylure and are a Cheryl Cole... Fernandez-Versini? (I'm not even sure how to pronounce that!) exclusive. Very pleased with these, they're nice and lightweight! 

And here is where I think I'll wrap this post up... I mean I did buy more than that, mainly chocolate and a few films (The Hunger Games / Catching Fire) and a lot of Christmas food. Seriously how are you meant to fit a large turkey into your fridge AND the rest of your food, I didn't quite think that one through did I?

Thank you for reading, and I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas... I'll be back here next week! Follow me on BlogLovin!
Cherry Wallis