Monday, 27 October 2014

Urban Outfitters Haul

Urban Outfitters, what can I say? I can never enter this shop without leaving with at least two things. My personal favourite is the miscellaneous section, and the books. I don't usually buy clothes from there, though one of my favourite hats is from UO. I just can't resist all of the random quirky bits and bobs they sell, usually stuff I don't actually need but end up having a burning desire for... so here's what I got on my last visit to Urban Outfitters!

Ombre Hair Chalk Set - £12 / Urban Outfitters
Firstly, I must say I have seen this product in Urban Outfitters MILLIONS of times and never bought it. Why? Because I've usually already picked up 10 things and tell myself I don't need to spend any more money... but this time I decided it was time to put it in my basket.

Now most of you know I used to LOVE having coloured hair, bright red, purple, turquoise... but unfortunately I can't dye my hair anymore due to bleach damage. So why not try the next best thing? HAIR CHALK. The colours that come in this set are GORGEOUS. Purples, Pinks, Turquoise... and pastels. I won't lie, I was a bit sad to find them all broken when I opened up the box, but C'est le vie.

Now, I normally post really positive reviews on here, but I'm going to be super honest (not everything can please me unfortunately!) - I was quite disappointed with this product... I was hoping the chalk would actually show up (even on dark hair) but unfortunately it didn't. I tried it on dry/damp/wet hair (after definitely following the instructions) and didn't have much luck! Also it really dried my hair out. Now it's not a FULLY negative review for these, because I reckon these would work BRILLIANTLY on blonde hair. So I guess this isn't the solution for my hair colouring itch/brunettes! Nevermind! The next two products are FANTASTIC...

Holographic Nail Varnish | W.I.P - £12 / Urban Outfitters
I can not PRAISE this product enough. I thought I'd seen every nail varnish possible (my collection is getting out of hand) but NO. I saw this by the tills in UO, and I was BLOWN AWAY! This is by far one of the most beautiful and majestic nail varnishes I have ever purchased. It's HOLOGRAPHIC, which means it goes rainbow when the light hits it. I think Urban Outfitters do some of the best nail varnishes on the market, I have never been disappointed by their range. Granted, the price is more than the usual bog-standard nail varnish but I promise you it's worth it!

Queen of F*cking Everything Mug - £9 / Urban Outfitters
Well, I think this purchase is pretty self explanatory... haha! This was the first thing I saw when entering UO this time, and it made me literally laugh out loud. It's just so SASSY. If there is one mug I want to drink my morning coffee out of, it's this one - because I am the Queen of F*cking everything.

So what do you think about these products? I'd LOVE to hear in the comments if you've ever used the hair chalk from UO if you're brunette and if you had any luck with it? Let me know down below!



  1. love everything you bought, it's a shame the hair chalk didn't work well on you, i'm pretty certain i'd have the same problem (it's a hard life having dark hair)

    fashion, beauty and an existential crisis

  2. It's a shame that the hair chalk didn't work :( I have lighter brown hair than yours and want to try some, but if those aren't that effective on brown hair then I won't bother! However, the nail polish looks and sounds fantastic, and that mug is the sassiest thing EVER! :L

    Hannah | The Crafty Fox

  3. heyy cherry, I've tagged you on the Liebster award tag because I love your blog :)

    here's the post on what to do, can't wait to read it xx

  4. wow those hair chalks look gorgeous!
    need them in my life :D

  5. Yesss to the ombre hair chalk & the queen cup. Need those things in mah life! xx

  6. Need a selfie with that hair chalk on. I bought some but it didn't show up very well on darker hair. Hopefully those are better quality. Love you Cherry xxx

  7. omg I love that mug haha! Such a shame the hair chalk was blah... dark haired girl problems.

    Shanna | Curves and Lashes

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