Monday, 6 October 2014

Lush Haul 2014

Okay, so I know it's only October... I know - but I got too excited and didn't want to wait until November to share these beautiful things from Lush Cosmetics with you! You should know by now that I'm addicted to baths and bathbombs, so of course as soon as Lush released this years Christmas range I couldn't help but buy half of their store. So what's new?

Northern Lights Bathbomb - £3.50
So this bathbomb caught my eye because of it's unusual shape, and how pretty it looked! This is Lush's "Northern Lights" bathbomb. It smells like jasmine and ylang ylang (yeah I don't really know what that is either!) but I do know it smells FANTASTIC! I think the cute little stars are a lovely touch to this bathbomb. It turns your bath into a beautiful purple, blue and yellow swirly night sky. What's not to love?

So White Bathbomb - £3.50 / So White - Shower Gel - £4.50
These were probably the products that I was MOST EXCITED about. Last year I fell in love with the "So White" bathbombs from Lush, they smell so refreshing. It gives of a lot of fizz, and a subtle pink colour! The main scent I get from the So White range is Apple, which I just become addicted to! So to find out that this year they made it into a shower gel!? I was over the moon with happiness, and it certainly didn't disappoint me, it really does smell delicious!

Golden Wonder Bathbomb - £3.75 / Butterbear Bathbomb - £1.95
Another one of my all time Christmas favourites from Lush, the "Golden Wonder" bathbomb. I had to control my temptation to buy hundreds of these last year to last until this Christmas! This one claims to smell of Orange and Lime, but I'm not so sure, whatever it smells like - it's heavenly. This one is super fun to watch fizz away in your bubble kingdom! Beautiful blues, yellows, turquoises... and to top it off it leaves a lovely glitter sheen to your bath water (but not so glittery that you look like Edward Cullen when you get out of the tub!)

The next one I've never used before as it's a new addition to the Lush bathbomb family, which is the "Butterbear" bathbomb! It's an adorable little thing isn't it? This has a very sweet vanilla scent. Though I'll probably feel a little bit guilty melting him in hot water. Poor little bear!

Snow Fairy - Shower Gel 100g - £3.75 
The shower gel that everyone wishes wasn't just a Christmas Limited Edition, "Snow Fairy". I have to remind myself that this is soap when I smell it, because I literally want to eat it. I bought myself a large bottle of Snow Fairy last year, and enjoyed it so much - that I decided to get some more this year! Definitely recommend this shower gel if you like sweet candy scented things! And it's pink, that's always a bonus, right?

Luxury Lush Pud Bathbomb - £3.50
I'm fairly certain I saw this "Luxury Lush Pud" bathbomb last Christmas, but for some reason never tried it? No idea why as it's so colourful and festive looking! The little holly and the berries on the top just screams cuteness. This bathbomb is a rainbow explosion when you plop it into your bath, which I think is what makes this one so special. This one has a strong lavender scent, which is just PERFECT for a hot soak before bedtime! Nice and relaxing.

The Christmas Hedgehog - Bubble Bar - £3.25
Now, I'm definitely more of a bathbomb lover than a bubble bar lover - but it was just too cute not to buy? It's a little turquoise (my favourite colour, may I add!) hedgehog. Though I think this little fella got a little bit squashed on his adventure to my house. Never the less, it's still cute. This bubble bar smells like the ocean, or what you'd imagine the ocean to smell like had it turned into a nice scent. It's a very pleasant smell, but I find it hard to describe - you'll have to go and find a Lush shop and give it a sniff for yourself!

Dashing Santa Bathbomb - £2.95
I can't remember if these were around last year, or whether they're new - either way it's festive and what a "Dashing Santa" he is! Very happy with this scent, it's quite Orangey, which certainly makes me feel festive. 

Father Christmas Bathbomb - £3.50
The "Father Christmas" bathbomb is probably the one that I think of when people talk about the Christmas range at Lush. I guess that's because it's Santa.. I'd say he looks jolly, but I'm honestly not sure haha! Why do I love this one so much? Well it's got the same scent as Snow Fairy, and it turns your bath a lovely shade of Green... which wasn't what I expected when I first tried one of these! Either way, it's fun and smells utterly yummy.

So what are your favourite festive products from Lush? Let me know in a comment below, and share this post with your friends - you never know, they might take the hint and buy you some for Christmas! 



  1. I tried the Father Christmas one last year and it was amazing! And last week when I was in Lush, one of the sales assistants showed me the Northern Lights, and let me tell you, it's like a firework display in your bath! I need to use it now! :)

  2. I want to try the Northern Lights bath bomb so badly - I was in Lush today and saw it. Makes me sad I can't buy any Lush bath bombs because I don't have a bath at my uni house :(

    The Velvet Black // UK Style, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

  3. I had a bath with soring stars bath ballistic and it was incredible, it turnt my bath into the night sky! Love the video and blogpost xx xx

  4. So excited for the Christmas range at Lush! My friends are going to have to restrain me aha I might just pick up one thing at a time...
    Hannah | The Crafty Fox

  5. Cannot wait to pick up some of these pieces! x

    Jordan | Keep Dreaming ♥

  6. I want to try butter bear and dashing Santa!


  7. The Christmas stuff is so good this year, can't wait to go back to Lush and buy more!

  8. I did a festive Lush haul too and can't wait to use those goodies.
    I didn't know that So White smelled of may have tempted me to purchase that one!

  9. This has got me even more excited for christmas! I have just done a lush haul myself over on my blog ( only one christmas bath bomb featured ) trying to save myself as close to christmas as i can haha! but this post has made me even more eager to splash out.

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