Friday, 5 September 2014

Hello September

Another month has passed, and I'm here welcoming September with a very big hello! Now, don't get me wrong I love summer, but my favourite season is definitely Autumn. September is the month when I start to get excited for the months ahead, fallen leaves, hot chocolates, wool jumpers, halloween, and let's not forget Christmas (I'm already counting down the days, and I'm not even sorry)!

I'm going to start by saying that August was a bad month for me, and I'm certainly happy to see it go. I'm feeling very motivated now we've entered a brand new month. If you watch my YouTube videos (I'm just going to assume that you do, otherwise you wouldn't be here) - you'll have noticed an increase of uploads. I've been really trying to stick to a schedule, which is to upload "every other day" and it seems to be working really well. I remember this time last year I would struggle to think of/film one video idea, let alone 3-4 a week! So I'm feeling quite proud of myself, I'm hoping to keep this up! If you're not already subscribed head over to my channel here!

So what does September hold for me? Well, it started with an exciting meeting - I might be making videos for a certain popular television company soon.. so that's cool. 

Writing my EP, majorly excited to get recording!
I started to write my upcoming EP with my friend/producer Arthur Walwin - we've pretty much got TWO songs in the bag already, and I literally cannot tell you how excited I am to start recording them! This leaves me with one more song to write, and then just gotta work on making the songs the best they can be, so it'll most likely be released early next year (2015). If you haven't heard my first single I released last year, you can hear/watch it here

I'm going to Egypt this month, I literally can't wait to explore a new part of the world that I've never seen before. I feel extremely lucky to have been given such a cool opportunity to explore Egypt, and of course - I'll be taking you guys with me! (Unfortunately, I cannot actually fit you all into my suitcase, but I can take my camera/GoPro - so I'll feel like you're with me!) I won't actually be able to upload whilst I'm there - as I want to experience the week without the pressure of finding wifi and editing (that and I don't have a laptop), so you'll be getting the Egypt Adventure vlogs when I return! I'll be visiting Sharm El Sheikh - which is in the Red Sea Riviera! I'm looking forward to this so much.

When I return home, I have some cool collaborations planned for my channel, one of which is with my lovely homeslice Helen @MelonLadyBaby - and the other two I'll leave a surprise! I'm looking forward to filming with some new people, it can get pretty lonely filming by yourself all of the time. Though saying that, I'm quite satisfied with my own company and always have been.

It's a busy month, which is the best way to live - keeping busy keeps my soul happy. I'm very excited to share my adventures with you. I feel like I've entered a new chapter, and I've just started writing my story. So let's go! Bring it on September! 


  1. I feel the same way about seeing the back end of August. Hopefully September will be amazing! Super jealous of you going on holiday too x

  2. How exciting! Egypt would be such an amazing place to visit. I'm also really excited to see this collab with Helon Melon Lady. You both have such cool channels. :)

  3. I hope September is wonderful for you and kicks Augusts ass for being mean to you :) can't wait for your ep hero is like my favourite song :p xx

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