Monday, 25 August 2014

Beauty Haul

So I bought a few bits and pieces recently that I had either needed, or in my case just wanted... sometimes it's just nice to treat yourself to nice things! I'll be showing you some of my favourite products I've added to my beauty collection, so let's get started!

MaxFactor // False Lash Effect Fusion Mascara - £11.99
I thought it was time to buy a brand new mascara, as I find it's a beauty product you need to buy every few months as they tend to dry out the longer you have them. I decided to try something I had never used before, and this one caught my eye (mainly because the packaging was cool, and Purple), so I went with it and bought the MaxFactor 'False Lash Effect Fusion' Mascara! I must say I'm very impressed with this one, I've been using Sleek and the BarryM Lash Vegas mascaras for quite a long time now (which I still love). This MaxFactor mascara is great, I honestly can't fault it. It coats the lashes without making them look clumpy, and you don't have to apply hundreds of coats. Does it give my lashes the 'False Lash Effect'? Well they certainly look great using this, I've also been using a lash fabricator (which is like mascara, but little fibres you put on your lashes in between coats of mascara to make your lashes look longer) so using these two products together really does give the false lash effect, definitely. I like that the brush is thick too!

Sleek // I-Divine RIO RIO [Limited Edition] Palette - £7.99
This is probably my favourite purchase recently, and so many of you guys have been wondering what eyeshadows I've been using... so this is it. Sleek's 'I-Divine RIO RIO' Limited Edition eyeshadow palette!
I've been using the shade "CACHACA" on the inner corners of my eyes, this shimmery White shade is GORGEOUS. It's a brilliant contrast to use with all of the bright colours you can find in the palette. I think "NIGHT FEVER" (Pink, second from the left at the top) is another one of my favourites, it's just so girly and lovely. As most of you already know, I have a deep love for bright eye makeup - and this is just the perfect palette, it's definitely worth the money - and for a palette, I think it's worth every penny (they're quite cheap!).

Maybelline // Color Tattoo 24hr - £4.99 (each)
Now if you've never used these before, I'd be fairly certain you've seen them in a beauty haul or makeup collection on YouTube. I kept seeing these Maybelline Color Tattoo cream/gel eyeshadow's online, and I always wanted some. These are a BRILLIANT addition to my makeup collection, they really do last a long time on your eyes and do not crease (the main reason I have steered clear from cream based eyeshadows), I'm so impressed with these. I got shades "Eternal Gold" and "And On Bronze" - you can see how beautiful they are. As we're entering Autumn (hooray), I can see these becoming a favourite for the season coming! 

Essie // Mint Candy Apple & Sparkle On Top (Twinkle-Belle Duo Kit) - £12.99
I consider myself a HUGE nail varnish lover, as I'm sure I've mentioned before - I can rarely go into a drugstore without picking one up. I've been swooning over Essie polishes for a LONG time, unfortunately their price always put me off (they're usually £8 each, ouch!) but these were in a duo set, and they just spoke out to me (they didn't, I'm just trying to justify buying them to myself). Mint has always been one of my favourite colours, so obviously I was drawn to these, the 'Sparkle On Top' reminded me of 'Mermaid' from Urban Outfitters which is my favourite nail varnish that I own. So yes, I bought these. They did not disappoint me, and now I want even more Essie products, which is going to make my bank account weep.

Garnier // Micellar Cleansing Water - £3.99
Now this ladies (and gentlemen if you're reading, if you are hello!) is what I call a miracle product. I have always used makeup wipes or johnsons baby lotion to remove my makeup (literally, all of my life) until I discovered Garnier's Micellar Cleansing Water! After using this for the first time, I realise what EFFORT it was taking my makeup off with wipes etc, this stuff is like a magical makeup eraser. You just plop a little onto a makeup pad and wipe away (with EASE!).. and it's done. It's cut a lot of time out of my evening routine. It's perfect for all skin types too, and no perfume (much to my disappointment, as you know I love a good smelling product) but this stuff is fabulous. High recommendation from me!

And that's it, those are the best thing's I have bought recently. What do YOU think? Do you have any of these products, if so, what's your opinion? 

If you haven't already, make sure you check out my MAKEUP COLLECTION AND STORAGE video!


Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Summer In The City | 2014

My first ever Meet and Greet!

This is my third year at this YouTube event, and it continues to blow me away each year. This weekend was probably the most special one I have been to, because so many things happened. If you had told past Cherry that she'd be on stage with Dan and Phil, that she'd be on a panel with some of her favourite vloggers AND have her own meet and greet... well I probably wouldn't have believed you.

Events like this really do make me feel overwhelmed, but in a very positive way, seeing my subscriber number become real human beings that I can hug and speak to is just such a wonderful heart warming thing.

My silver playbutton award for surpassing 100,000 subscribers! Ooh shiny!
Now if you don't know already, YouTube rewards their partners with awards for reaching large milestones such as 100,000 and 1 million! You usually fill out a form and they send it to you in the post... so to be asked to get it on the main stage at Summer In The City was a very big surprise! It was a bigger surprise that Dan and Phil were presenting it, I'd never really met them before - but I can tell you they are two lovely and genuine lads, and it was an absolute pleasure meeting them after being subscribed to them both for a long time.

I guess this is where I should say a HUGE thank you, to all of the people who give me unconditional love and support, I can't describe how grateful and thankful I am to all of you for making my life a wonderful one.

Receiving my 100,000 Subscribers Award from YouTube, with Dan and Phil.
After a long day of meeting loads of subscribers all around the venue, and going to watch panels, day one of Summer In The City was over. I had an even bigger day ahead of me, which was Sunday - which would consist of my first panel and my first ever meet and greet. It was safe to say I was extremely anxious and nervous, on top of other emotions (if I'm being honest this was a weekend of emotions high and low).

Sunday morning, I jumped in a taxi and whizzed over to Alexandra Palace for the start of the second day. I headed over to the room I was doing my vlogging panel in, with Louise (SprinkleOfGlitter).

Vlogging Panel - Panorama Room | Sunday 10th August

Louise (SprinkleOfGlitter) and I, before our panel. <3
The panel lasted for 1 hour, I think I did okay - I'll admit my mind went completely blank on some of the questions because I was nervous, but overall it was a positive experience.

I just want to say this woman (Louise) is so lovely, and one of the nicest/kind hearted people I spent time with this weekend. She knew how nervous I was and somehow made me feel a lot better about it, and was just a good friend to me, which I can't thank her enough for. (Thank you, Louise <3)

Later on in the day, I had to sneak out of Louise's GlitterTime (which by the way, was brilliant - she's got a fantastic stage presence!) which she caught me doing and made everyone wave at me. So much for a sneaky quiet exit hey? Slolslolslol.

I didn't want to leave but alas, it was time for my FIRST meet and greet! I was worried about this all weekend, I honestly didn't think many people would come and queue for me... I guess I don't feel like I am worthy of people waiting around for hours to say hello and to have a hug.

My meet and greet was at full capacity, and I was just so lost for words that I almost had a cry afterwards. I just want to say thank you, all of you who came truly made the weekend end on a high note - and I'm sorry if anybody couldn't meet me, I can assure you I wanted to meet you. Also, all of the letters and gifts were so sweet, I came home yesterday - wrapped myself up in my duvet and read all of them. My feelings escaped through my eyes.

I'm not one for putting my feelings or private life on the internet (because, just no) but this month started off really badly, my anxiety has come back in full force and I lost a best friend which has broken my heart. Point being, Summer In The City opened my eyes to how much support I have from countless friends, and so many of you guys - I just wanted to say thank you, which just doesn't seem enough. I'll hopefully be back to my happy positive self soon. Thanks for reading. 

(Also thank you to Chris, Gary, Pete, (some of the bestest friends) for putting up with me for 3 days! Thank you Tom, Dave, Jazza, Liam and Luke for organising another spectacular event!)


Friday, 1 August 2014

July Favourites | 2014

Hello Friends! Another month has begun, August has come around rather quickly hasn't it? Where on earth is time going, it still feels like Christmas wasn't that long ago! Eep! July was a pretty cool month, the weather has been absolute glorious (minus those thunderstorms, but hey - we'll just ignore that those happened eh?).

I'm really enjoying this blog, are you? I hope so! So what am I writing about today, well MY JULY FAVOURITES of course! This is a mixed bag of favourites from beauty, films, books and miscellaneous things I've been enjoying over the duration of July!
Silver Diamond iPhone 5 Case // NewLook - £10
This is probably the most "bling" thing I have ever purchased, I was definitely just like a magpie when I saw it. I saw the light shining off it and thought "OOH SPARKLES!" - I just thought it was super fabulous. I've had my pink teddy iPhone case on for months now, which to be honest - I still love very much. I fancied a little bit of a change, I bought this case with the intention of using it for the Summer In The City YouTube event - so I put it onto my phone and then realised it's really hard to take off (I'm useless), so it's certainly here to stay for a while! It's a good job I LOVE IT! I tried to find this phone case on NewLook's website, however I couldn't find it - though I did find one similar here!


Now, I'm a HUGE netflix lover - I recently discovered how to access America Netflix (ooh, naughty), they have SO much better titles on there, including Doctor Who AND Titanic! (I'd have thought UK Netflix would have those on, as they're British?! Alas, they don't. Cry!)

So, I started off with watching a film I had been DYING to watch since it came out at the cinema, but never found the time to actually go and see it - which is WORLD WAR Z. This is a film about a zombie apocalypse, and it's safe to say I probably wouldn't survive one if it really happened in real life. I began watching this film at 1am... and what a bad idea that was - so I turned it off and continued watching it in the daylight, yes I am a big whimp. This film was predicatable, but it was still FANTASTIC. I thoroughly enjoyed it from start to finish, it was very intense and kept me watching - I'm also a sucker for a happy ending!

Now we're onto my next FAVOURITE series which is PRETTY LITTLE LIARS! I must admit I started to watch this years ago, and then forgot about it - so I recently restarted the series from the start. And it's just as fantastic as I remember it. It's funny, exciting, romantic and full of mystery! All of the actors/actresses are STUNNING, so it's very easy on the eye.. each episode leaves you wanting MORE! So much more, that I've watched the entire first season in less than a week, oops!

Lastly, is my favourite book. This is a bit of a weird one, but stick with me here! It's called JUST ASK THE UNIVERSE! Now, I'm going to admit - I love believing in things like ghosts, vampires, spiritual guidance and that crystals have healing powers. But this is on a whole different level. It's basically a book on the law of attraction. You send happy thoughts/vibrations into the universe, you'll ATTRACT them... but unfortunately same applies to negative ones. Give it a read, you'll either love it or think it's a load of fudge!

Powder Brush // Real Techniques - £12.99
I've been using my Barry M powder brush for a few months now, and it got to the point I was getting rather annoyed at the hairs falling out and sticking to my face! So I decided to invest in a new powder brush, which is by Real Techniques, and it's GLORIOUS. It's SO soft... like, I can't even describe how soft it is - and it really does do a brilliant job. Once again Real Techniques impresses me, and is certainly my favourite makeup brush brand! 

Million Dollar Moisturiser // LUSH - £32.50*
I couldn't do a favourite's without including a product from Lush! THIS SMELLS SO YUMMY. I want to eat this (Note to self: do not eat). To me it smells like toffee and caramel. This is Lush's Million Dollar Moisturiser, and well... it's not lying when you look at the price! HOWEVER... the price may be steep, but I'm completely sold on this product. This has a lovely subtle shimmer within it and here's the fancy part... it has an SFP of 30 - so not only does it moisturise my face, it stops it from burning (that would be if I spent much time outside...ahem!) This is a favourite because of how it smells, how it feels, and what it does... good job Lush!

INSTA-DRI // Sally Hansen - £5.99
Tired of waiting for your nails to dry? Me too! I bought this top coat called INSTA-DRI by Sally Hansen with the hope that it would actually work, but I certainly had my doubts! Why had I not heard of this before... well, no idea to be honest - but I can definitely tell you that this stuff is GREAT if you're a big nail varnish lover like me! I paint my nails on a regular basis (sometimes every day) and there's nothing worse than not being able to go to the toilet or pick things up because you're nails are taking about a year to dry! This stuff claims (and in my opinion does the job well!) to dry your nail varnish in 30 seconds, and gives it a lovely shine. LOVE IT.

Bright Stripe Magnetic Diary // WHSmiths - £9.49
I love to keep organised, if I don't - my mind wants to explode and I end up feeling very stressed and uneasy. So, it was time to buy a brand new diary/planner. This one caught my eye, as it was bright AND IT HAS A MAGNET... okay I get too excited about magnets, don't judge. It's also a two year diary so this beauty is going to last me a very long time indeed. It's a wonderful feeling to be organised! 

Check out the video! Do you have any of these products, what are YOUR favourites from July? I love a good recommendation, leave a comment below!