Sunday, 27 July 2014

The Body Shop Haul

So you know when you purposely go to a shop to get ONE thing in particular, and then end up coming out with pretty much their whole store? Well, that happened.

If you read my previous blog, you'll know that I mentioned my 'Tea Tree Squeaky Clean Scrub' was close to being empty - so that's what I was aiming to buy on this trip! However, don't judge me too hard...
...most of this stuff was FREE. It was buy 2 get one free, and then 4 of the items were free (what? hello!) because I signed up to their points card! (One of my best friends judges me for the amount of points cards I have stored in my purse, but hey points mean free goodies!) So lets dive into what lovely things I came out of The Body Shop with!

HONEYMANIA Eau De Toilette // The Body Shop - £8.50
I'm going to start with this delightful perfume called HONEYMANIA - now I'm going to start by saying I probably wouldn't have picked this up in the store had it not been a free gift. I usually go for more fruity scents. (HA fruity... get it? Cherry?... okay moving on!) This is the second perfume I've had from The Body Shop, the first one was the Satsuma one - and MY GOD, it's the most heavenly orange smell! Honeymania, well I expected it to smell like honey - alas, it did not (in my opinion). However, it DOES smell beautiful, I can't quite explain what I think it smells like, it has a lot of high notes - perhaps even a little floral? It's what I'd describe as a "pretty" scent. Either way, it's very lovely indeed!

Next is a glorious body butter, this is PINK GRAPEFRUIT BODY BUTTER. I've used their Peach and Raspberry ones, and they never fail to impress me. The Body Shop has their body butter scents down to a T, they really do smell as they are described - extremely yummy smelling! This is a sample size, however the full-size ones really do last a very long time and are huge so I'd definitely say they're worth the money you pay for them! Nothing bad to say about this body butter, smells exactly like a Pink grapefruit and leaves my skin smelling gorgeous and feeling soft! 

SHIMMER WAVES Blush // The Body Shop - £16.00
I've never used any of The Body Shop's makeup range, so I thought I'd test out their SHIMMER WAVES blush. I've seen this in many beauty vlogs/blogs, so I couldn't resist trying it out for myself. Now one of the great things about this product is how versatile is it, you can use it on your eyes as eyeshadow or you can use it as blusher/highlighter. You can also use all of the colours at once, or individually. I personally use it all together on my cheeks, and have yet to try it out on my eyes - however I can say it's a very beautiful product, the shimmer is very pigmented and looks really nice. No complaints about this product at all, though I found the price of it a little steep.

ABSINTHE PURIFYING HAND CREAM 100ml // The Body Shop - £11.00
I guess I've always thought hand cream was for mums and old ladies - until I realise how SOFT they leave your hands. Blimey! I've been missing out all of these years. This is ABSINTHE PURIFYING HAND CREAM, and it's full size (this was one of the free items). Now, I've never heard of anything having Absinthe as a scent, I always thought it was that alcohol that gets you off your trolley with one sip! (I don't advise drinking it, it's something silly like 90% alcohol, yuck!) However this stuff smells SO refreshing, almost herbal - in fact it smells like a spray my mum has which has basil, thyme and lemon in it. Certainly no bad words about this, after all - my hands are now super soft.

COCONUT LIP BUTTER // The Body Shop - £4.00
Next we're onto the COCONUT LIP BUTTER, and boy does it smell like coconuts! To me this was quite an unusual product, I've only ever used lip balms, and lip butter is completely different. It's like... well, it's just like butter! I think I prefer these to lip balms - as I find them easier to apply. My lips have never felt so soft, and I love how fragrant they are. A little pot of joy!

I guess the only reason I bought this TEA TREE BLEMISH FADE NIGHT LOTION was because the lovely lady told me it was Buy 2 Get 1 Free! Now, as you know from my last post I love the Tea Tree Squeak Clean scrub - so I thought I'd try more of their range! This is also a product I've always thought was for old people, haha - but I'm realising that in 6 years I'll be 30 years old, OH GOD. So, why not start looking after my skin? This stuff is so good, nothing makes me happier than feeling refreshed - which is exactly what this stuff does before I head into a deep slumber. It also claims to fade blemishes (judging by reviews it does work) which is ALWAYS a bonus, especially as my face seems to think that 24 years old is a good age to start puberty and give me spots that leave blemishes, sigh. Lovely range from The Body Shop!

So what are you opinions on the body shop? What are you FAVOURITE products that you recommend that I try out for myself? Let me know in the comments below! Thanks for reading!


  1. The hand cream sounds AHMAZING!! I've been looking for something like this for ages! I will definitely be laughing this next time I go into body shop! Thank you Cherry!:)

  2. I love you blogs so much!!! Never let's me down.

  3. I really enjoy this blog you've created, they always make me want to buy more things I don't need (thank god, none of the stuff you mention is available where I'm from). Lovely post! xx

  4. I like the Moroccan Rose perfume :) and also the strawberry soap. Have you tried them before Cherry? :)

  5. The tea tree night lotion is one of my favourites of the range. You should also try the tea tree oil, it's a lifesaver :p

  6. Cherry don't feel ashamed. I too keep many point cards and I am a male. I should be the one being judged.

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