Sunday, 6 July 2014

Lush Haul

So, it's that time again where I talk to you about some of my favourite (and not-so-favourite) Lush products! It's been a while, hasn't it? Now, I like to think I'm a bit of a Lush fanatic - it's very rare for me to have a bath without using some of their products! So let's start off with the most FUN things, which of course are bathbombs!

Honey Bee // Lush - £3.25
I'm going to start with a bath ballistic I had never used before (shocking!) - this is the Honey Bee!
Firstly - they did a good job making it look like a bumblebee. It's times like this I wish someone had invented the technology to sniff things through a computer screen or a mobile phone because... wow - this just smells divine!

Now, unlike Lush's Golden Wonder (which by the way, is my favourite - I wish they sold it all year round!) this bath ballistic is not an all singing/dancing bathbomb. It doesn't shower you with gifts as it fizzes away - but you know, sometimes it's nice to have a relaxing bath. The Honey Bee turns your bath water a bright neon yellow colour (don't worry, not the sort of yellow that makes it look like you've peed in the bath, that would be weird) - this bath bomb has some pretty fierce fizzing going on! It's like being in a jacuzzi! How fancy!

The only thing I would touch upon with this bathbomb, is that is has a possibility of staining your bathtub a little bit - but that's the risk you take if you want beautiful baths.

Sakura // Lush - £3.25
This is the Sakura bath ballistic - and isn't it PRETTY? I originally bought this because it was Cherry Blossom inspired - and well you know.. my name is Cherry. The bright blue and pink rocks are popping candy (probably shouldn't put it anywhere near your mouth, unless you enjoy the taste of soap?) and again, this is quite a simple bathbomb. The scent is quite floral - but also quite...medicated? Something about it just reminds me of visiting the doctors haha, maybe that's just me - it's not a bad thing. It pleases my nose holes!

It doesn't turn your bath water a wild colour this time - instead it goes quite foggy, with a subtle pink colour. One thing about these is how SOFT you feel after you've been marinating yourself in the bath for a while, and I enjoy feeling soft and fresh!

*D'Fluff // Lush - £5.75
D'fluff - what an adorable product name! This stuff instantly reminded me of FLUFF - the marshmallow you can eat out of a jar, yum yum. Except this stuff - you smear all over your legs before shaving them!

I usually just use shower gel, or foam burst to shave my legs (too much info?) I'd never thought of using actual shaving soap. I'm going to start off by saying my legs have never felt so soft, you know when you want to go around making everyone feel your legs? No? Okay, well... it's like the feeling you get once you've shaved your legs and then get into a nice bed with clean sheets - everything just GLIDES.

I really wish the scent of this stuff was stronger, I got mega excited when it said strawberry - but it's extremely subtle - but I guess that's my own problem, as I love strong scents. Definitely recommend this D'fluff stuff!

*Zest // Lush - £11.25
Next, we're onto a product I don't really rate. I guess this is because I have long thick hair? Maybe this would be suitable for people who have short hair that's easily styled. Unfortunately, I didn't dare attempt to put it into my hair - and sadly the consistency reminded me of boogers. ZEST - I expect lemons, oranges, citrus... this just didn't smell too great in my opinion. Sorry Lush - you know I love you dearly, but this product isn't a nice smell. I guess I can't really give my opinion on how well the product works, as I can't use it in long hair - but I'm sure it does the job nicely! It's just not my sort of thing. 

*Mangnificent // Lush - £4.00
I'm gaining quite the collection of soaps in my bathroom now, to the point I'm not using them fast enough - these things last FOREVER, well... not forever but you get the point. This is the Mangnificent soap - it smells good, it cleans well. It smells like mangos, and very refreshing - and I quite like the texture this soap has, in fact I enjoy a lot of their soaps with textures in such as lemon peel etc as it's fabulous for getting rid of dead skin (sorry, I know that sounds gross, but it's true!) a lovely soap to add to my collection!

*Parsley Porridge // Lush - £4.00
Parsley Porridge, perhaps not something you'd imagine you'd want to rub all over your body BUT.. this smells incredible.  Personally I adore the smell of herbal / medicated things - if you do too, then THIS is definitely the soap for you. Mmm. J'adore!

Have you used any of these products? Let me know down below! I'd love to read your opinions on these products from Lush too! [All products with a *star were gifted by Lush, all opinions are my own and not in any way influenced.]



  1. That d'fluff stuff looks awesome, they all look so pretty. I've never actually bought anything from lush before, but I think I might have to now

  2. This makes me want to go to lush haha! I'd never even heard of shaving I weird? Have you ever tried the Phoenix Rising bath bomb thing (I think that's what its called) because when I had it it made me feel all greasy, or is that just me? :/ I love bathbombs though ♡

  3. I just used Honey Bee in my bath last night! It turned my bath water a bright but not neon yellow. The scent is sublime, probably one of my favourite Lush scents! Overall I think this one deserves a 4/5 :)

  4. I'm really interested in trying Lush products, I just can't get over their use of palm oil. And looking on their website I find it really difficult to work out whether they're using sustainable palm oil or another substitute now.

  5. I've never used any lush products, they look so interesting. I really need to find something good to start with :)

    1. If you've never had anything from lush try the dragons egg bathbombs. It has many different coloured layers and bath confetti in it.. it's one of my favourites as well

  6. I'm so damn happy you've started a blog, Cherry!
    It's so fun to see your bubbly personality come across in writing, and it's like a breath of fresh air in my blogging feed :D

    Looking forward to loads more in the future!

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