Sunday, 27 July 2014

The Body Shop Haul

So you know when you purposely go to a shop to get ONE thing in particular, and then end up coming out with pretty much their whole store? Well, that happened.

If you read my previous blog, you'll know that I mentioned my 'Tea Tree Squeaky Clean Scrub' was close to being empty - so that's what I was aiming to buy on this trip! However, don't judge me too hard...
...most of this stuff was FREE. It was buy 2 get one free, and then 4 of the items were free (what? hello!) because I signed up to their points card! (One of my best friends judges me for the amount of points cards I have stored in my purse, but hey points mean free goodies!) So lets dive into what lovely things I came out of The Body Shop with!

HONEYMANIA Eau De Toilette // The Body Shop - £8.50
I'm going to start with this delightful perfume called HONEYMANIA - now I'm going to start by saying I probably wouldn't have picked this up in the store had it not been a free gift. I usually go for more fruity scents. (HA fruity... get it? Cherry?... okay moving on!) This is the second perfume I've had from The Body Shop, the first one was the Satsuma one - and MY GOD, it's the most heavenly orange smell! Honeymania, well I expected it to smell like honey - alas, it did not (in my opinion). However, it DOES smell beautiful, I can't quite explain what I think it smells like, it has a lot of high notes - perhaps even a little floral? It's what I'd describe as a "pretty" scent. Either way, it's very lovely indeed!

Next is a glorious body butter, this is PINK GRAPEFRUIT BODY BUTTER. I've used their Peach and Raspberry ones, and they never fail to impress me. The Body Shop has their body butter scents down to a T, they really do smell as they are described - extremely yummy smelling! This is a sample size, however the full-size ones really do last a very long time and are huge so I'd definitely say they're worth the money you pay for them! Nothing bad to say about this body butter, smells exactly like a Pink grapefruit and leaves my skin smelling gorgeous and feeling soft! 

SHIMMER WAVES Blush // The Body Shop - £16.00
I've never used any of The Body Shop's makeup range, so I thought I'd test out their SHIMMER WAVES blush. I've seen this in many beauty vlogs/blogs, so I couldn't resist trying it out for myself. Now one of the great things about this product is how versatile is it, you can use it on your eyes as eyeshadow or you can use it as blusher/highlighter. You can also use all of the colours at once, or individually. I personally use it all together on my cheeks, and have yet to try it out on my eyes - however I can say it's a very beautiful product, the shimmer is very pigmented and looks really nice. No complaints about this product at all, though I found the price of it a little steep.

ABSINTHE PURIFYING HAND CREAM 100ml // The Body Shop - £11.00
I guess I've always thought hand cream was for mums and old ladies - until I realise how SOFT they leave your hands. Blimey! I've been missing out all of these years. This is ABSINTHE PURIFYING HAND CREAM, and it's full size (this was one of the free items). Now, I've never heard of anything having Absinthe as a scent, I always thought it was that alcohol that gets you off your trolley with one sip! (I don't advise drinking it, it's something silly like 90% alcohol, yuck!) However this stuff smells SO refreshing, almost herbal - in fact it smells like a spray my mum has which has basil, thyme and lemon in it. Certainly no bad words about this, after all - my hands are now super soft.

COCONUT LIP BUTTER // The Body Shop - £4.00
Next we're onto the COCONUT LIP BUTTER, and boy does it smell like coconuts! To me this was quite an unusual product, I've only ever used lip balms, and lip butter is completely different. It's like... well, it's just like butter! I think I prefer these to lip balms - as I find them easier to apply. My lips have never felt so soft, and I love how fragrant they are. A little pot of joy!

I guess the only reason I bought this TEA TREE BLEMISH FADE NIGHT LOTION was because the lovely lady told me it was Buy 2 Get 1 Free! Now, as you know from my last post I love the Tea Tree Squeak Clean scrub - so I thought I'd try more of their range! This is also a product I've always thought was for old people, haha - but I'm realising that in 6 years I'll be 30 years old, OH GOD. So, why not start looking after my skin? This stuff is so good, nothing makes me happier than feeling refreshed - which is exactly what this stuff does before I head into a deep slumber. It also claims to fade blemishes (judging by reviews it does work) which is ALWAYS a bonus, especially as my face seems to think that 24 years old is a good age to start puberty and give me spots that leave blemishes, sigh. Lovely range from The Body Shop!

So what are you opinions on the body shop? What are you FAVOURITE products that you recommend that I try out for myself? Let me know in the comments below! Thanks for reading!

Sunday, 20 July 2014

My Bath-time Routine!

Being a HUGE bath lover, I've developed quite the routine when entering the bubble kingdom. So I thought I'd share with you the products I use every time I have a bath! I treat bath-time as my relaxtion time, it's a very calming adventure!

Sugar Crush Body Wash // Soap & Glory - £6.50
So after getting undressed (ooh cheeky!) and getting into a bath full of bubbles, the first thing I do is wash everywhere with Soap & Glory's Sugar Crush Body Wash. This stuff is fantastic. It's advertised as smelling like "Sweet Lime" however, I think it smells more like drumsticks (you know, those little Pink and White chew lollies?) - the one thing I adore about this stuff is (well obviously it smells brilliant and cleans me) but it also has a push down top, which means I don't have to faff around with trying to take lids off with wet hands (which can become quite the challenge!).  

Ocean Salt Facial Scrub // Lush - £7.25 - £13.25
After doing all of the body washing, and leg shaving (yawn) I move onto my face! Cleaning my face is one of my favourite things in my bath-time routine! I go between two products, the first being Lush's Ocean Salt facial scrub! This stuff isn't cheap but it seems to go quite a long way as I have had this stuff for a couple of months, my brother bought it for me - so it's not something I consciously went out to buy. HOWEVER, this stuff is great! It smells, well... it smells like the cross between oceans and boys (the nice aftershave they wear, not smelly armpits!) This stuff has a LOT of sea salt in it, which really does help get any dry/dead skin off your face. I don't use this every time I have a bath because I find it can be quite drying, however I do enjoy it very much!

Tea Tree Squeaky-Clean Scrub // The Body Shop - £6.50
This is by FAR the best product I have ever bought from The Body Shop, it's the Tea Tree Squeaky-Clean Scrub! As you can see from the photograph, I need to buy some more as soon as possible - it's nearly running out! I rarely get through bottles of anything very fast (except hair conditioner) so I know that this is a great product. It smells... AMAZING. It's extremely refreshing after you've washed this stuff off of your face, I hold this stuff responsible for keep my face clear of spots 90% of the time. I have nothing negative to say about this product at all! 
Miracle Moist Shampoo // Aussie - 6.50 & Argan Oil Conditioner // £1.00
So ever since damaging the CRAP out of my hair from bleaching/dying it (never again, folks!) I've had to treat my hair with a lot of tender love and care to keep it looking in healthy condition. Firstly I'm going to talk about Aussie's Miracle Moist Shampoo (I hate the word moist *shudder*) - this shampoo is Australian and is aimed at people with damaged/dry/unhappy hair, like mine. It's made from macadamia nut oil and certainly has been keeping my hair happy. I can't quite explain how this stuff smells, but I can definitely tell you that it's a WONDERFUL scent - I'm currently sniffing it to try and explain but I can't quite put my finger on it. It's just... very nice. If you ever see this stuff, definitely give it a sniff you won't regret it.

Secondly we come onto my favourite hair conditioner - I refuse to use anything else after I found this beauty. The best thing about this is the price at £1, they sell this in SO many shops - I don't even know who makes it unless "Argan Oil" is the brand? Anyway, this again has a FANTASTIC SCENT (are you surprised?) and it certainly keeps my hair very soft. This stuff is so cheap I buy several bottles at a time, and I'm extremely generous with it when I use it in my hair. I let it sit a while so my hair soaks up all of the good things! Wow, my technical words are very good today. (I have found this stuff in poundland, B&M, bodycare, and various highstreet hair care shops!)

Peach Body Butter - The Body Shop - £13.00
After soaking in the bubble kingdom for a while, I get out and dry myself off and then get out my Body Shop Peach Body Butter! I don't need to explain what this smells like, just imagine the ripest peach you could find - a really juicy one! I rub this everywhere to make my skin feel soft, and smell edible - yum yum!

Absolute Oil // Alfaparf Milano - £22.00

I leave my hair to dry naturally 90% of the time, unless I'm in a rush to go out. I got this Absolute Oil from my hairdressers after I damaged my hair. I've had it since November 2013 and as you can see I have LOADS left, as you only need to use 2 pea size amounts to run through your hair with your hands. It smells like fresh pears and really does keep your hair healthy, with it's outstanding detangling and conditioning properties, this oil guarantees instantly tangle-free and soft, glossy hair that is as light as silk.

After my bath-time routine, I usually put on some comfy clothes and get on with things that I need to do, except now I feel a lot more relaxed and smell beautiful!

Let me know in the comments your opinions on any of these products if you have used them yourself!


Sunday, 6 July 2014

Lush Haul

So, it's that time again where I talk to you about some of my favourite (and not-so-favourite) Lush products! It's been a while, hasn't it? Now, I like to think I'm a bit of a Lush fanatic - it's very rare for me to have a bath without using some of their products! So let's start off with the most FUN things, which of course are bathbombs!

Honey Bee // Lush - £3.25
I'm going to start with a bath ballistic I had never used before (shocking!) - this is the Honey Bee!
Firstly - they did a good job making it look like a bumblebee. It's times like this I wish someone had invented the technology to sniff things through a computer screen or a mobile phone because... wow - this just smells divine!

Now, unlike Lush's Golden Wonder (which by the way, is my favourite - I wish they sold it all year round!) this bath ballistic is not an all singing/dancing bathbomb. It doesn't shower you with gifts as it fizzes away - but you know, sometimes it's nice to have a relaxing bath. The Honey Bee turns your bath water a bright neon yellow colour (don't worry, not the sort of yellow that makes it look like you've peed in the bath, that would be weird) - this bath bomb has some pretty fierce fizzing going on! It's like being in a jacuzzi! How fancy!

The only thing I would touch upon with this bathbomb, is that is has a possibility of staining your bathtub a little bit - but that's the risk you take if you want beautiful baths.

Sakura // Lush - £3.25
This is the Sakura bath ballistic - and isn't it PRETTY? I originally bought this because it was Cherry Blossom inspired - and well you know.. my name is Cherry. The bright blue and pink rocks are popping candy (probably shouldn't put it anywhere near your mouth, unless you enjoy the taste of soap?) and again, this is quite a simple bathbomb. The scent is quite floral - but also quite...medicated? Something about it just reminds me of visiting the doctors haha, maybe that's just me - it's not a bad thing. It pleases my nose holes!

It doesn't turn your bath water a wild colour this time - instead it goes quite foggy, with a subtle pink colour. One thing about these is how SOFT you feel after you've been marinating yourself in the bath for a while, and I enjoy feeling soft and fresh!

*D'Fluff // Lush - £5.75
D'fluff - what an adorable product name! This stuff instantly reminded me of FLUFF - the marshmallow you can eat out of a jar, yum yum. Except this stuff - you smear all over your legs before shaving them!

I usually just use shower gel, or foam burst to shave my legs (too much info?) I'd never thought of using actual shaving soap. I'm going to start off by saying my legs have never felt so soft, you know when you want to go around making everyone feel your legs? No? Okay, well... it's like the feeling you get once you've shaved your legs and then get into a nice bed with clean sheets - everything just GLIDES.

I really wish the scent of this stuff was stronger, I got mega excited when it said strawberry - but it's extremely subtle - but I guess that's my own problem, as I love strong scents. Definitely recommend this D'fluff stuff!

*Zest // Lush - £11.25
Next, we're onto a product I don't really rate. I guess this is because I have long thick hair? Maybe this would be suitable for people who have short hair that's easily styled. Unfortunately, I didn't dare attempt to put it into my hair - and sadly the consistency reminded me of boogers. ZEST - I expect lemons, oranges, citrus... this just didn't smell too great in my opinion. Sorry Lush - you know I love you dearly, but this product isn't a nice smell. I guess I can't really give my opinion on how well the product works, as I can't use it in long hair - but I'm sure it does the job nicely! It's just not my sort of thing. 

*Mangnificent // Lush - £4.00
I'm gaining quite the collection of soaps in my bathroom now, to the point I'm not using them fast enough - these things last FOREVER, well... not forever but you get the point. This is the Mangnificent soap - it smells good, it cleans well. It smells like mangos, and very refreshing - and I quite like the texture this soap has, in fact I enjoy a lot of their soaps with textures in such as lemon peel etc as it's fabulous for getting rid of dead skin (sorry, I know that sounds gross, but it's true!) a lovely soap to add to my collection!

*Parsley Porridge // Lush - £4.00
Parsley Porridge, perhaps not something you'd imagine you'd want to rub all over your body BUT.. this smells incredible.  Personally I adore the smell of herbal / medicated things - if you do too, then THIS is definitely the soap for you. Mmm. J'adore!

Have you used any of these products? Let me know down below! I'd love to read your opinions on these products from Lush too! [All products with a *star were gifted by Lush, all opinions are my own and not in any way influenced.]