Tuesday, 24 June 2014


Well, if you're reading this - it means you've made your way over to my blog! Welcome to www.cherrywallis.com! I've been working on this little blog for weeks - and it's finally launch day! Come in, make yourself comfortable! Take a look around, I'm hoping you'll be visiting here a lot! 

Here is where I will be writing regular posts about my life, fashion, beauty and whatever else I feel appropriate and think you will be interested in! So, to celebrate I have launched a LIMITED EDITION item for my online store! (Hey, look! There's a SHOP tab up there!) There is less than 200 of these available! 

"The Happiness Kit" | Cherry Wallis - OUT NOW! 

A few weeks ago I was sorting out old boxes up my loft from when we moved here years and years ago, and came across a small little bag filled with little treasures. It was really old, but the sweetest thing. It was called "The Happiness Kit". What is a happiness kit I hear you ask? Well... inside there were 6 things. 

I smiled so much after I found it, and it made me feel really positive. After finding it, I decided I wanted to share the happiness with you! So I spent a long time putting together 200 Happiness Kits! Each of them is lovingly packed by me, I even spent hours cutting and tying bows out of string - but to see them finally come together, I think they're fabulous and I hope you like the idea behind them!

What's inside "The Happiness Kit"?

These would make a perfect gift for your friends, or even if you just want to have one for yourself - to remind you to stay happy/positive. If you want one, head over to the SHOP tab, or visit my online store site.

And finally, let me know what you think of my new online home - www.cherrywallis.com - Do you like it? You can expect hauls, makeup reviews, fashion and lifestyle posts regularly  - I'M SO EXCITED TO BEGIN THIS JOURNEY WITH YOU!



  1. This is amazing I can see you've put a lot of work into this blog well done Cherry :)

  2. This is not what I was expecting the happiness kit would be but it's so cute! I assume it's something little foetus Cherry came up with?


  3. This is amazing you are so cute

  4. Love it so much just ordered one :)

  5. can't wait to read your posts! Definitely need to get a happiness kit to pull me through my exams! Haha :) The blog layout is soo cute and I love the pastel colours <3

  6. I am attempting to get my mum to get me one. This is not what I expected, it was better. A lot better. I just love how everything has a meaning which coordinates with the item.


  7. Seriously this is amazing :)
    First impression : beautiful. Well done !

  8. The happiness kit is sooo cute! I can't wait too see more of your posts!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style, Beauty and Lifestyle Blog

  9. Can't wait for the fashion and beauty stuff-this is so cool! I love it! <3