Friday, 27 June 2014

Beauty Haul

Hello, so this is MEGA exciting writing my first official blog post, it feels so fancy - and what better way to kick off this blog than with a huge beauty haul! I completely spoilt myself this week. I spent a day in Birmingham and went a little bit wild. I usually avoid going shopping on weekends, so going in on a weekday was perfect and not too busy - nothing worse than crowds shoving and pushing past each other to get to Primark!

Benefit UK - Watt's Up! // £24.50

Kicking off this post is an item I had never seen before until I snuck into Debenhams to drool over the Benefit counter. Now these guys have a pretty good reputation in my book, I've never been unimpressed by any of their products - even their packaging is GLORIOUS! This is Benefit's 'Watt's Up!' Soft Focus Highlighter. Now, I've never bought a highlighter before, however I've wanted one for months but could never choose which one to buy... until I found this one. 

I just can't find anything negative to say about it, the packaging is designed beautifully, the product itself looks fabulous and the actual highlighter makeup gives a FLAWLESS finish. It's a gorgeous champagne colour, which leaves your skin with a sheer luminous glow. It really did make a huge difference to my final makeup look. 

You can use it straight onto your skin, or you have the option to use it over your existing makeup (which is what I did) - I think the "soft glow blender" (or personally, I just call it a fluffy buffer) is a nice touch to the product! I really do recommend this if you want that healthy smooth glow.

Sleek MakeUP - True Colour Lipstick "Papaya Punch" // £4.99
Next we're onto one of my FAVOURITE brands, I literally cannot stop buying things from Sleek MakeUP. This is the second lipstick I have bought from Sleek, the first one being a dark 'Cherry' Red. However we've now rolled into the summer season where more bright colours are appropriate!

This is the MATTE True Colour Lipstick from Sleek in the colour "Papaya Punch", and it really is beautiful and perhaps my new favourite lipstick. It lasts a long time, and is really pigmented so the colour stands out nicely on your lips as you'd hope! I also think the price of these are amazing, everything about it is high quality - and could easily match rival brands such as MAC Cosmetics.

Real Techniques - Lip Brush £6.99 // Silicone Liner Brush // £5.99

My brush collection has certainly been growing over this year, and these are by far my favourite brand of brushes by Real Techniques (by Pixiwoo on YouTube!). I got really excited about these two brushes, the first one I really want to talk about is the Purple 'Silicone Liner Brush' - I think I have found the holy grail of perfect eyeliner. I used this for the first time today with a gel eyeliner pot - and it was just BRILLIANT. It makes eyeliner (gel OR liquid) application so much easier! (It's also very easy to clean which is a bonus.)

The second one I chose was the 'Retractable Lip Brush' - now I thought this was cool anyway, but then I took it out of the box not knowing it was retractable, so was very pleasantly surprised. This also has a lid which makes it PERFECT to travel with. I've needed a new lip brush for so long as my old one got very tatty and out of shape. It became pretty much useless. This is my 5th brush from Real Techniques and I couldn't recommend them more. Good job girls!

Topshop - NAILS // £5.00 (each)

As many of you know I have an addiction to nail varnishes. They should start Nail Varnish Anonymous groups for people like me, it really is becoming quite a problem (I've bought about 100 of them within the last year, oops, sorry bank account!) I have only ever bought one Topshop 'NAILS' polish before, and loved it - of course when I popped into Topshop I bolted over to the makeup stand, where every colour you can imagine was neatly lined up on cute little shelves. I was a child in a sweet shop, I wanted everything. 

However, I decided to stick to summery colours. I thought I'd go a bit wild and choose a yellow (as I have never bought a yellow polish before, eep!). It's a deep yellow called "TOTALLY TURMERIC" - I was going to do swatches, but they really are the colour 'on the tin'. The second one I obviously couldn't resist as it's a duck egg / mint colour which is my absolute fave, it's called "KEEN". Last but not least the Purple one is called "Prestige" - I often wonder where makeup companies come up with their names for colours haha! Fabulous polishes, long wear, haven't had a chipped nail so far!

Benefit - "The POREfessional" // £24.50
This is like a magical formula that makes your face soft AND minimizes the appearance of pores. Benefit's 'The POREfessional' - what a great use of a pun! It's a win-win for everybody. It smells like Oranges (in my opinion) which is a huge bonus! I've been using a sample tube of this stuff for months, a little really does go a long way. I finally splashed out and got the full size. Benefit impresses me once again!

Sleek MakeUP - Full Fat Lash Mascara // £6.99
I have been using Barry M mascara's for ages - I thought it was time for an upgrade and to step out of my comfort zone, and try something different. So here we are again with Sleek MakeUP's Full Fat Lash Mascara, in the colour Black. One of my favourite things about this, is the cubed tube - which means NO MORE ROLLING OFF MY DESK! I think all makeup should be made to not roll onto the floor, do you agree ladies? The formula of this mascara is great, no clumping at all, and it makes my lashes look full and fabulous! If you're looking for a new mascara, maybe this is the one for you! 

Soap & Glory - Orangeasm Body Butter // £10.00

I knew I wanted this as soon as I entered Boots (the shop I got it from). I'd seen it in a couple of beauty hauls, quite possibly either Zoella or SprinkleOfGlitter - I don't remember. I wanted the body wash, alas it had sold out (cry) - so I went for the next best thing, which was the Orangeasm Body Butter! All of you know I have a deep strong love for anything that smells like Oranges! Yum yum! 

Tanya Burr - Lip Gloss // £6.99 each
You may have seen one of these in a previous video of mine. The 'Vampire Kiss' Tanya Burr Lip Gloss is a lovely colour. I stumbled back into Superdrug this week and they had restocked - hooray, as the first batch of Tanya's range had flown off the shelves (you go gurl!). They had the colour I originally wanted to buy which was "Picnic In The Park" (a lovely subtle Pink). Now obviously all lipglosses are sticky, hense why I've never really bought that many in the past - except for when I was in highschool and they became the "cool" thing to have. These are fabulous though, and Tanya should be super proud of them, they smell DELICIOUS!

Tanya Burr - Nail Polish // £5.99 each [Riding Hood/Be Bright Be Happy Be You/Little Duck]
Of course I couldn't try Tanya's lipglosses without trying some of her nail varnish range (I wasn't lying earlier about my nail varnish addiction!) they're such beautiful pigmented colours. They dry SUPER fast which is something I look for in a good nail varnish, as nobody likes to waste time waiting forever for their nails to dry do they?! NOPE. Also I have to say they don't flake or chip either. One coat and you're good to go! The only thing I'd mention with these are the brush applicators. They're a bit too squared, and of course my nails aren't square so I prefer the round brushes - alas that is personal preference. It doesn't take away from the cute colours! My favourite is Little Duck! 

So this is the end of my first beauty post on here! Did you like it? Would you like to see more? 
Let me know down below if you've tried any of these products yourself and what you thought about them. I'd love to read your comments!

Next time we have a Fashion Haul! So keep your eyes peeled on here and my YouTube channel!



  1. great post Cherry, I can tell your blog is going to be so good and your photography is flawless!! I also love your videos, keep it up please :)

  2. Wow ur blog is lookin fab cherry! Loved the really in depth blog and the pictures are just stunning! Just a quick question, how did you get the social media buttons on your page where your picture is? Also I would love you to check out my blog where I recently posted about how to cope with fainting and my experiences

  3. Nice blog it looks so fabulous! I love it. You've done so well with the layout & how you edit your pictures. Do you use the same programs for photo editing that you do for making youtube videos? I really need a better editing program as I am currently using movie maker for my videos & well...Nothing much for my pictures lol. :)

    1. I use photoshop CS6 to edit my photographs. :) Check the FAQ for what I use for videos etc.

  4. Great blog post cherry I'm gonna go out and buy all of these now thanks xx

  5. Your blog is looking great! And I was using the POREfessional from a sample too and finally decided to buy the full size. I love it; I really notice a difference when I wear it. I recently got a sample of Benefit's 'Watt's Up' so I'm excited to try that out now. Wish I could get some of those Tanya Burr products around the stores where I'm from.
    Great post, Cherry!

  6. The Tanya Burr lip gloss looks so good! I really want to get my hands on 'Vampire Kiss'. I love a nice red color :)


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